Essential POS Features for Every Retail Store

ConnectPOS integrates online and brick-and-mortar store through advanced POS features

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Point Of Sale

Checkout procedure

The quick checkout process allows you to reduce waiting time at the counters.

Instant data update

Data between the POS system and your website including Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products is auto-updated.

Barcode scanning

Print and scan the barcodes to simplify the checkout routine.


Decide whether to print tailor-made receipts at the physical store or email them to your customers.

Payment options

ConnectPOS accepts various payment methods, from cash to cards, split tenders, and layaways.

Offline mode

Manage your store even without the Internet! You can perform some basic operations offline, data will be updated accordingly when there’s an Internet connection.

connectpos magento pos system checkout

Product and Order Management

Multi-location management

Your store will no longer be messy thanks to the feature assigning each location to a separate outlet.

Click and collect

Customers are able to buy online and pick up in-store. Physical stores also support the use of Refunds and Exchanges.

Order list

The total order list can be viewed by every user.

Order fulfillment

100% automated order fulfillment: from order receiving to delivery stage

Quote management

By creating and sending sales quotations for later purchases, ConnectPOS helps you to retain every customer.

Out of stock order

Users can still add out-of-stock items to their cart and get notified once these products are back in stock.

Tax management

Sync your tax settings with the system rules, or set up various tax levels.

Custom sales

If your clients want to buy currently out-of-stock items, you can create and retrieve a custom sale when the products are in stock.

Multi-shipping support

Shipping fees are calculated right the app so you can proceed the ship one order to different shipping addresses.

connectpos magento pos system orders

Customer Management

Loyalty program

ConnectPOS assists loyalty programs with extensions from reliable providers (Aheadworks, Amasty, etc).

Group pricing

Group pricing brings a better customer experience when you can create efficient tiered pricing for different customer groups.

Gift cards

Our ConnectPOS accepts gift cards, which can be used interchangeably between online and offline stores.


ConnectPOS lets you implement promotion settings from the backend. Some of the usual discount rules are Buy X Get Y, Discount per product, Discount the whole cart.

Store credit

Customers can use the store credit to pay at physical stores or to receive refunds.

connectpos magento pos system loyalty program

Inventory Management

Orders management

A purchase order will be automatically generated if the product quantity reaches its limit. You can track these orders right in our app.


Control your inventory by scanning barcodes and updating data from both your online and offline stores.

Warehouse organization

Auto-update stock numbers cross-warehouse. ConnectPOS also suggests the best arrangement location for your warehouse from the design layout.

connectpos magento pos system multi-source inventory

Omnichannel Support

Device compatibility

ConnectPOS can be used in both PCs (macOS & Windows) and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Native iPad app

The native iPad app, which has the same function set with the web-based one, allows customers to enjoy a seamless buying journey.

Wireless customer screen

Customers can easily interact with a second screen right before finishing payments.

Self-checkout POS

Experience a quick checkout process by scanning barcodes with ConnectPOS PWA app. Notifications about new arrivals or promotion campaigns are also available.

Integrated hardware

ConnectPOS is compatible with diverse POS hardware providers.

connectpos magento pos system pwa app

Advanced Features

24/7 support

We are always available 24/7 to support you with unsolved riddles.


We can assist in creating a tailor-made POS system for your retail business based on your requirements.

AI Facial Recognition

The AI technology enables your staff to link buyers with their previous purchases to recommend the most suitable products.

Staff training

In addition to a demo, we offer staff training on how to use ConnectPOS.

User roles

Create as many staff accounts as you want and assign different roles or permissions.

20+ detailed reports

Get ready for 20 detailed reports on many angles to have a deeper understanding of your company’s performance.


We allow paying and viewing order values on different currencies.

White label

We support personalizing our POS to be a part of your branded system!

connectpos bigcommerce pos feature ai

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