Essential POS Features for Every Retail Store

ConnectPOS integrates online and brick-and-mortar store through advanced POS features
Standard Transaction
Update data instantly

Ensure real-time data update between the POS system and your core database. Auto-synced data includes Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products.

Work without Internet

ConnectPOS can function normally when there’s no internet connection. Data will be updated automatically when you get back online.

Barcode scanning

Shorten the checkout routine with quick and easy barcode scanning. You can directly print the barcodes and scan them using mobile devices or barcode scanners.

Store credit

Customers can save excess amounts after purchase as store credit. This amount can be used to buy other goods at the store. Store credit can also be converted afterwards for the product that is not eligible for a refund.


ConnectPOS allows you to print receipts at the physical store or email e-receipts to customers. Store owners can also adjust the receipts based on their needs.


ConnectPOS Magento POS lets you implement promotion settings from the Magento Admin. Some of the usual discount rules are Buy X Get Y, Discount per product, Discount the whole cart. We also support exclusive promotions for in-store purchases.

Simple checkout process

Our Magento POS provides a 3-step checkout process for more convenience and simplicity at the payment tills.

Payment methods

ConnectPOS integrates with multiple payment methods, such as cash, credit and debit cards, or gift cards. Split tenders and layaways are also supported.

Refund and Exchange

Cashiers can proceed with refund/exchange for in-store orders or other outlets’ orders. All data will be saved from POS and updated to integrated systems.

Product and Order Management
Order list

Users can interact with orders coming from all connected locations/stores, whether it’s online or offline.

Custom sales

Add into the current order a product that is not available in the inventory at the moment or additional products - for example, wrapping paper, gift bag...

Group pricing

Group pricing makes it easy to set different pricing for each product group to assist your sales in a flexible way.

Quote management

For products or services with large order value, you can generate a quotation, which details how much a product or service will cost and then send it to the customers.

Tax management

When you’re online, the tax setting will be synced directly from Magento admin. When you’re offline, it’s easy to add tax from POS to support in-store sales for both local and international transactions.

Multi-location management

ConnectPOS can connect with multiple outlets and support multi-location management and allows you to transfer stock among locations or select warehouses for fulfillment before checkout.

Order fulfillment

Automate the order fulfillment process from the very beginning step: From proceeding orders to shipping to customers’ doors.

Backorder and Pre-order

You don’t have to worry about dissatisfying customers since ConnectPOS lets you create pre-orders (for items that are coming soon) and backorders (for items that are out-of-stock at the moment).


ConnectPOS assists the multi-fulfillment process, as you can fulfill the order multiple times or through different channels.


For an international experience, ConnectPOS makes it easy to sell on different currencies for your continuously-expanding business.

Customer facing display

In order to better interact with your customers, this module helps to allow them to see the order details or view the advertisement of your store with a different display.

Customer Management
Loyalty program

ConnectPOS supports the use of loyalty program settings from your Magento backend. Extensions from reliable providers such as Aheadworks and Amasty are available.

Gift card

Our POS for Magento supports the use of gift cards at the brick-and-mortar store. Gift cards can be used interchangeably between online and offline stores.

Inventory Management
Real-time stock update

After setting stock numbers within ConnectPOS, the data will be updated to your main system and vice versa.

Warehouse control

Data is managed with a clear hierarchy; each role can operate a particular set of actions. For example, the staff level can see only their current working warehouse while the manager level can view all locations.

Stocktake & adjustment

Simplify stocktaking by scanning barcodes. You can count inventory and save/edit the quantity in the app.

Omnichannel Support
Device compatibility

ConnectPOS Magento is compatible with both PC (macOS and Windows) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Retailers can enjoy an on-the-go selling experience with our POS system.

Self-checkout POS

Customers can scan barcodes and proceed with checkout themselves with the help of the ConnectPOS PWA app. It also notifies users when there are new arrivals or promotion campaigns.

Click and collect

It’s easy to let your customers buy online and pick up in-store. ConnectPOS allows you to look up customers' online orders when a customer picks the products up in store.

Staff Management
Staff training

Besides a usual demo, our team is happy to provide you with detailed staff training for different levels on how to use ConnectPOS Magento.

Report system

More than 20 reports on various angles such as sales, cashiers’ shifts, revenue by staff, or product performance to give you a deep analysis of your business.

Users and permissions

Our POS for Magento lets you create unlimited users with multiple roles and different permissions directly from the app. For example, the salesperson role cannot view the report or adjust any current settings.

Advanced Benefits

We help you build a personalized solution for your business from scratch. ConnectPOS guarantees to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping journey for every specific requirement.


We’re eager to help you build a perfect-fit POS system for your business. Payment gateways, accounting software, ERP, CRM, you name it, we integrate it!

24/7 support

Our support team is 110% ready to assist your retail performance. We’re available 24/7 to support the seamless operation of your business.

Global support

As a global POS solution provider, we value and respect the diversity of our retailers. We're ready to offer our help to stores in every country and time zones, as well as extend the power of multi-national companies.

Multi-country support

If you’re thinking about expanding your business to other countries, ConnectPOS is ready to help. Some of the most prominent regions we’ve supported are the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand.

Multi-industry support

Not only limit our power in the retail industry, but we’re also extending our hand to more industries, for example, Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Vape and e-Cigarettes, Furniture, Firearms, Sport and outdoor equipment, Medical, Toys, FnB, and Education.

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