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Top 5 Netherlands POS Systems That Can Empower Your Business

This article will give you an overview of the top 5 POS systems in the Netherlands that every business should have a look at.

In 2022, the Netherlands saw 13.9 million online shoppers make an impressive 347 million purchases, totaling over $36 billion. This bustling market requires robust and efficient Netherlands POS systems to handle such high volumes of transactions. If you’re operating a business within this vibrant economy, finding the right POS system is critical. This article will guide you through the top 5 POS systems in the Netherlands, essential for any business looking to thrive in this competitive environment.

Before going further, please note that the order of these POS systems is placed in a random order, and their prices are subject to change.

The Importance of Powerful POS Systems in the Netherlands Market

The Netherlands is a powerhouse in European e-commerce, ranking seventh in market size (Statista). In 2023, over half a billion Europeans shopped online, highlighting the region’s robust digital economy. The Dutch e-commerce sector significantly contributes to the economy, accounting for more than three percent of the GDP.

In 2022, the value of the Dutch e-commerce industry reached 33.3 billion euros. Consumers placed over 340 million online orders. This market has expanded by nearly 20 billion euros in the last decade and continues to grow.

Such growth necessitates advanced POS systems for businesses. A capable POS system manages sales, integrates crucial data, and streamlines operations. With retail sales increasing by 4.8 percent in March 2024 (Trading Economics), efficient POS solutions are essential. They support ongoing growth and enhance operational efficiency in this competitive market.

Crucial Features of a Powerful Netherlands POS System

To thrive in the competitive Dutch e-commerce market, a POS system must be equipped with specific features. These features not only enhance efficiency but also improve customer satisfaction and business scalability.

  • Multilingual support: The Netherlands, with its diverse linguistic landscape, requires POS systems that offer multilingual support to cater to both local and international customers.
  • Integrated e-commerce: Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms is crucial. This allows for synchronized inventory and sales data across online and offline channels.
  • Advanced payment solutions: Support for a wide range of payment methods, including iDEAL, credit cards, and mobile payments, is essential to accommodate the preferences of all customers.
  • Real-time analytics: Real-time data on sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory levels help businesses make informed decisions quickly.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, the POS system should easily scale to handle increased transactions and expand to new locations without performance hitches.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Tools that manage customer data, track purchasing history, and support targeted marketing campaigns are vital for enhancing customer engagement and retention.
  • Security features: Robust security features to protect sensitive customer information and comply with data protection regulations are non-negotiable.
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These features are fundamental for any POS system aiming to succeed in the Netherlands, ensuring businesses can manage their operations effectively and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Top 5 Netherlands POS Systems for Businesses


ConnectPOS ranks as the premier choice among POS systems in the Netherlands.

It seamlessly integrates online and offline shopping environments. The system supports key features like click-and-collect, real-time synchronization, and a progressive web app (PWA) Consumer App. Together, these features ensure a smooth shopping journey across various platforms.

The system also boasts broad compatibility, functioning smoothly on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices across both iOS and Android platforms.

One standout feature is the robust inventory management provided by ConnectMSI – Multi-Source Inventory. This native app enables efficient tracking and management of inventory across multiple warehouses. It syncs perfectly with the ConnectPOS system. Its barcode scanning capability allows for meticulous tracking and management of product variations. These variations include sizes and colors, providing a detailed view of inventory. It also simplifies searches by serial numbers.

ConnectPOS also excels in data analytics. The system’s sophisticated reporting tools offer detailed insights and forecasts about sales trends. These are essential for minimizing risks related to overstocking and stockouts. Such analytics are invaluable for retailers aiming to optimize operational processes and make informed decisions.

In addition to its robust functionality, ConnectPOS supports bilingual use. Users can easily switch between Dutch and English in both the user interface and receipt details. This enhances usability. With competitive pricing starting at just $39 per device per month, ConnectPOS offers an accessible and comprehensive omnichannel solution. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes in the Netherlands.

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Developed by Dutch Solutions in 2009, Nuvopos is a versatile software application.

It integrates smoothly with existing hardware of retailers. It is specifically tailored for service-based businesses. These include restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, and food trucks. Compatible with multiple devices, Nuvopos offers flexibility. Devices include PCs, smartphones, and tablets. This provides convenience for any retailer in the hospitality industry.

Key features of Nuvopos include table management, online ordering, and payment processing. The system allows restaurant owners to manage table layouts and reservations in real-time. They can also accept orders directly from websites or mobile applications. Nuvopos supports various payment providers in the Netherlands and global payment gateways. This makes it a comprehensive choice for hospitality businesses.

Odoo POS

Odoo POS offers a cloud-based POS solution. It focuses on the Dutch and broader European markets.

The system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Odoo is particularly strong in loyalty program capabilities. It allows businesses to manage customer information effectively. This includes contact details, purchase history, and reward points. This system incentivizes customer loyalty with points, gifts, or discounts.

Odoo Mailing facilitates easy sending of special offers and sales information. The backend’s Odoo Inventory app helps staff control stock levels. It also allows them to create and manage sales orders and generate customized receipts. The software supports multiple payment methods. These include cash, card, BOPIS, and mobile payment. It is highly suitable for retail B2C businesses in the Netherlands.


Lightspeed, a dynamic POS system from Montreal, serves a global market with specialized solutions for retailers, golf, and restaurant businesses.

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It offers a range of features from basic to advanced levels. These include inventory management, CRM, customer loyalty tools, and built-in reports. A key feature is its robust multi-location management. This feature allows businesses to manage several locations from a single database. It synchronizes data about inventory, sales, customers, and other metrics.

With pricing plans starting from $69/month plus a processing fee, Lightspeed targets mid to large-size businesses. It is a comprehensive solution for managing operations efficiently across multiple locations.

Square POS

Square POS is a standout choice for businesses across the Netherlands, recognized for its simplicity and adaptability.

With a user-friendly interface, Square simplifies the transaction process, making it easy for businesses of any size to adapt and thrive. It integrates seamlessly with a wide range of applications, enhancing operational efficiency.

Key features include comprehensive sales tracking, inventory management, and customer insights, which are accessible from any device, ensuring convenience and flexibility. This makes Square an ideal solution for those looking to streamline their sales processes and improve customer engagement without the complexities often associated with new technology.


In conclusion, the right POS system can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across various sectors within the Dutch market. With features tailored to specific business needs, from inventory management to customer loyalty programs, these systems provide the necessary tools to streamline processes and adapt to ever-evolving consumer demands. By selecting a POS system that aligns closely with their operational goals, businesses in the Netherlands can ensure a smoother, more productive retail environment and a stronger competitive edge in their respective industries.

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