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Top 3 POS Systems In The Netherlands

This article will give you an overview of the top 5 POS systems in the Netherlands that every business should have a look at.

The Netherlands is a nourishing market for eCommerce businesses. According to a recent report, its market size was worth 26.6 billion euros in 2020. Do you have a company within this massive market and looking for a powerful Netherlands POS systems to operate your business? Then you have come to the right place. This article will give you an overview of the top 5 POS systems in the Netherlands that every business should have a look at.

Before going further, please note that the order of these POS systems is placed in a random order, and their prices are subject to change.


ConnectPOS is the first choice on our list of the top POS systems in the Netherlands. The system is well-known for providing an excellent omnichannel experience. Their most outstanding features are all centered around giving customers the best shopping journey across online and offline places. They include click and collect features, real-time synchronization, PWA Consumer App, and many more. The system is compatible with multiple devices (PCs, tablets, mobiles), as well as both iOS and Android. 

ConnectPOS also has a strong inventory management system with its native app ConnectMSI – Multi-Source Inventory. The process of managing and tracking the flow of inventory from multiple warehouses is synchronized with the ConnectPOS Netherlands POS systems. The barcode scanning feature in the application allow businesses to accurately track inventory movements and create product variants to manage different sizes, colours and more. Tracking inventory and SKUs across warehouses and identifying inventory via serial numbers at any location in a single search.

Feature-rich report and analytics in POS also provide businesses with detailed analytics and forecasting sales trends, reducing the risk of overstockings and stockouts. This allow retailers to decide areas they can improve the operation process and make crucial business decisions.

Moreover, you can switch between Dutch and English easily for the user interface and receipt information with ConnectPOS. With these powerful features, ConnectPOS is still affordable in pricing – the system comes at a very affordable price, starting from $39/device/month. Therefore, it is recommended for businesses of all sizes that look for a seamless omnichannel experience in the Netherlands.


If your business is operating in the hospitality industry, Nuvopos can be a suitable choice for you. Developed by Dutch Solutions in 2009, Nuvopos runs as a software application and works with retailers’ existing hardware. The POS is specifically designed for service-based businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, or food trucks. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, making it more convenient for any retailer within the hospitality industry. 

Some key features of Nuvopos that are worth mentioning are table management, online ordering and payment processing. The system ensures restaurant owner manage their table layout and reservations in real time and accept orders directly from the website or application on mobile. Novupos accepts payment with payment providers in the Netherlands and global payment gateways. Therefore, for those who need  Netherlands POS systems, Nuvopos can be a great option.

Odoo POS

Focusing on the Netherlands POS systems in the European market, Odoo POS is our next recommendation. Being a cloud-based POS solution, it is available everywhere and at any time with an Internet connection. Odoo is also powerful in its loyalty program features. Odoo allows businesses to manage their customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and reward points. Businesses thus can reward loyal customers with points, gifts, or discounts. 

In addition, Odoo Mailing helps store owners send special offers and sales information to customers within a few clicks. In the backend, the Odoo Inventory app supports staff members in controlling stock levels. Staff can create and manage sales orders and generate receipts with custom themes. The software also accepts multiple payment methods such as cash, card, BOPIS, and mobile payment. For these reasons, the system is very suitable for retail B2C businesses in the Netherlands.


Lightspeed is another powerful POS system that we would recommend for businesses in the Netherlands. The company offers POS solutions for retailers, golf, and restaurant businesses. Although coming from Montreal, the system heads towards an international market. 

Lightspeed offers POS features ranging from the most basic to advanced ones. Some of the outstanding functions include inventory management, CRM POS and customer loyalty tools and built-in reports. Lightspeed also has a robust feature on multi-location management as it allows businesses to manage multiple brick and mortar stores and restaurants from a single database. All data about inventory, sales, customers and other metrics is synchronized in a POS platform.

Lightspeed POS is a comprehensive solution that helps retailers manage operations efficiently. The system is suitable for mid to large-size businesses with a pricing plan starting from $69/month, plus a processing fee.


The list of the top Netherlands POS systems above includes both local and global options. Our final advice is to consider your specific needs and start the free trial of the suitable POS systems for the best choice. If you are interested in an omnichannel experience and ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us or start a 14-day free trial today!

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