Why data analytics is essential and how to get them through a POS system Huong Vu October 14, 2023

Why data analytics is essential and how to get them through a POS system

Why data analytics is essential and how to get them through a POS system

The digital age makes technology more and more rapidly changing, leading to increasing demand for data. Along with the knowledge and skills of technology, data analysis is also important in the way businesses operate. In this article, we would like to explain the importance of data analytics and how to get them through a POS system.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is a new term that receives special attention from business people. This is the internal arrangement made by data analysts by presenting numbers and figures to management. It involves a more detailed approach to recording, analyzing, disseminating, and presenting data results in a way that is easy to interpret and make decisions for the business. This is an important branch of data science in general, used as a support tool to help administrators make accurate and scientific business decisions.

Why is data analytics essential?

Data analytics brings many great benefits to businesses so it is essential. First of all, this can help businesses determine which forms of advertising reach customers effectively and create the impact that makes them buy. The data will allow businesses to understand which methods of promoting products have the greatest impact on their target audience and the size at which they can be applied.

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This analysis does a good job of examining the performance of products or businesses in the market. Therefore, your business can take advantage of this to find out which customers your products will be suitable for, thereby orienting customers and target markets.

An effective analysis will help businesses in cutting unnecessary costs by directly supporting the problem to avoid filling activities without no added value for the business. In addition, it will help businesses solve arising problems to run their business effectively.

How to get data analytics through a POS system? 

Understand how physical stores lift online sales and customer acquisition

Understanding how a physical store enhances online sales and customer acquisition is something a business needs to consider for a POS system to perform data analytics. You need to measure your retail store’s impact on your store’s sales and even on the surrounding stores. A POS system will give you an overview of your sales and make comparisons easy.

Improve customer retention and lifetime value 

Using a POS system to collect customer data, you’ll get data on how much shoppers spend and measure how your store business execution affects repeat purchases, retention rates, customer loyalty, and lasting value. Customers who shop online and in stores tend to buy more and stay with the store longer. And by using your POS data and e-commerce data, you can quantify that impact on your business.

Know when (and where) to expand your network of retail stores

To get data analytics through a POS system, businesses need to know when (and where) to expand their network of retail stores. They need to keep an eye on opportunities to increase sales and expand their online store brand into new markets. Additionally, leverage similar location-based sales data to identify retail store opening opportunities in different neighborhoods.

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Manage inventory online, in-store, and in your warehouse

Today’s POS systems often do a great job of their role in inventory management. Not only that, the metrics it provides will make data analysis through the enterprise’s POS system faster and more accurate. It should be noted that businesses must use an optimized way through the installation of the inventory feature so that the data sent back is the most accurate. Knowing the relevant data will help businesses limit risks and have appropriate business activities.


Data analytics is important, and getting data through a POS machine is even more important for any business that wants to do business effectively. If you are looking for a POS system that supports accurate data analysis, contact us immediately.

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