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Get to know the top Africa POS system for businesses

Africa POS

Selecting the right Africa POS is significant for businesses. With it, you can handle business expenses with higher proficiency and even more. Considering a lot of POS systems out there, how do you opt for the suited one for your demands? The best advice is to check out the ultimate list of the top 3 picks below. 

ConnectPOS – Best overall

As a quality cloud POS provider all over the globe, ConnectPOS is famous for its omnichannel functionalities. For example, you can use it to let your shoppers purchase online and pick up in-store. 

ConnectPOS integrates with a lot of payment solution suppliers internationally, including Paystack and Flutterwave for Africa, to ensure you receive payments quickly and safely. As you know, thousands of businesses have trusted Paystack. Thanks to it, your customers appreciate a smooth playing experience with mobile banking, cards, etc. Speaking of Flutterwave, it boasts the top level of safety and is among the best options for Africa POS businesses to process worldwide transactions

Here are a couple of other attributes offered by ConnectPOS: 

  • Real-time data synchronization: It is a critical feature of many modern software applications. With this feature, all data updates are made available to all users of the application as soon as they are entered, facilitating a smooth, efficient workflow. It is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or remote staff members who need to stay in sync. According to a study, 47% of SMB owners and managers believe that real-time data access would help them make better decisions. 
  • No additional fee for 3rd-party payments: Most businesses today use third-party payment processors to process credit card payments from customers. However, some payment processors charge additional fees to firms for each transaction made through their platform. Offering a payment solution with no additional fees can save businesses a substantial amount of money over time. According to a survey, 84% of businesses prefer free over paid payment processing systems. 
  • Stocktake attributes: A stocktake is a process of taking an inventory of all goods or items in a retail store or warehouse. With stocktake attributes, businesses can track and manage their inventory more accurately. This feature allows for custom fields that can be added to items in the inventory, like expiration dates and serial numbers.  According to a survey, 46% of retailers plan to use inventory tracking to help their businesses evolve with technology.
  • PWA Consumer App: Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web applications that are designed to work on any device with a web browser, including smartphones and tablets. PWA consumer apps offer all of the functionality of a native mobile app without the need for a separate download, making them extremely convenient for customers. According to a report, 67% of users like to buy from mobile-optimized sites.
  • Working with various devices, including smartphones and tablets: Being able to work with various devices, including smartphones and tablets, is a key feature for any software application today. This allows users to access information and work from anywhere they happen to be and on any device they have available. According to a report, over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.
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Compared to its rivals, ConnectPOS provides super reasonable prices, starting at 39 USD per month for a device. It is likewise accessible for customization.

Free Trail

Shopify – Best for eCom

Shopify POS is another best Africa POS choice. It has offered online shopping services simple enough for businesses to make use of and deliver a satisfying digital customer experience. 

To leverage this software, you choose a pricing plan, to begin with. These plans cover your eCommerce site and some attributes and highlights. They start from 29 USD up to 299 USD monthly. Please note that your Shopify plan decides the processing fees for your credit card. 

Some of the attributes included in this system are:

  • Order and inventory control: Shopify POS users can create purchase orders for vendors and suppliers and control inventory using a barcode scanner to match products at warehouses to record 
  • Discount codes: With eCommerce users, Shopify POS allows you to apply discounts or promotions for each purchase both online and offline.
  • Customer profiles: It is an outstanding feature from Shopify POS that can turn regular shoppers into loyal customers. Shopify helps you create customer profiles during checkout for both in-store and online purchases.
  • Marketing preferences: Auto-collect customer information such as emails, phone numbers at checkout to send notifications to customers of upcoming promotions or product updates.
  • Report: Report is one of the advanced features in Shopify POS. Daily sales reports (in Pro plan) helps retailers make proper decision with insight into sales, product, staff from report directly generated from POS. It also allows retailers get a deeper look a product reports, discount reports and cash flow reports. 
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Shopify POS also has powerful POS hardware that comes with built-in payment process and credit card rates. It ensures smooth checkouts with 1-year warranty native hardware and 24/7 support. Anyways, Shopify POS software and hardware only available for Shopify platform users. If you consider switching platforms as your business scales, you should consider another POS system that can integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms.

Vend – Best Africa POS for Retail

As a trusted POS supplier, Vend is intuitive and works with a lot of kinds of equipment. It comes with great stock control capability and analytics. Knowing as on of the world’s easiest POS software with a user-friendly interface, Vend POS has the ability to work with any hardware provider and access from anywhere in the world.

This software provides three plans covering a register and a place. These have features like:

  • Web-based or iPad POS: Vend works on Mac, PC or iPad. So if you are using the Android operating system, Vend might not be your best choice.
  • Product management: It can manage all products across online and offline channels into one unified system. Centralized data management avoids double entry.
  • Mobile contactless payments: Not only accepting credit cards, gift cards, split payment but also allowing mobile and contactless payment. Vend POS speed up checkouts and sales with mobile NFC payments such as Apple Pay.
  • Reports that are simple to personalize: Vend POS can customize reports from sales, inventory, product to staff performance so store owners can review daily history reports and easily check for discrepancies.
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When it comes to the Lite plan, its month-to-month turnover limit is twenty thousand USD. Meanwhile, the other plans are unlimited. You will pay 49 USD per month for an additional register when paid annually. Else, pay 59 USD with payments by month. 

All in all

As a POS system supplier, we know that there are many Africa POS choices for businesses today. We highly suggest starting a free trial, allowing you to have a better idea of how the software functions. Should you want further info about ConnectPOS, we are more than glad to support you. Reach us to understand more about the top cloud point of sale solution for your stores.

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