What’s new in Magento Pricing in 2023? Huong Vu October 10, 2023

What’s new in Magento Pricing in 2023?

What's new in Magento Pricing in 2023?

Magento is one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. It includes all the functions to support businesses on online platforms suitable for even starting businesses. However, firms that are just starting out will have cost concerns so that they can use the services that come from this great solution. The cost per business is different depending on the needs and features that the user’s Magento website possesses. In this article, we would like to discuss Magento pricing 2023 with the costs of running an eCommerce store in Magento and various Magento development and pricing factors.

Overview of Magento and Magento Pricing

Adobe has made the acquisition of Magento Commerce, the global online eCommerce platform, and integrated the software into the Adobe Experience Cloud. Today, it is known as Adobe Commerce; this software can be used to build any size of online store. Users can also customize the store’s themes, functions, and integrations with other software. In addition to the domain name and hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing add-ons, as well as many store add-ons, are also provided for business continuity.

Magento Pricing refers to the pricing of service packages that businesses use for this solution. The price of this plan can fluctuate and vary between different businesses, depending on the needs of the users, the features they own, the size, and the merchant’s desire to expand. Adobe will offer two different versions of the Magento services that come with different pricing. Magento’s open-source service has limited features so it’s great on a budget but requires some engineering to get up and running. It is free to open and install and provides the essentials for building an eCommerce website. The other service plan is Adobe Commerce. It is a full-featured product that includes advanced marketability, payment card industry (PCI) compliance, technical support, and other important tools. It has more complete features for you to make your business easy such as visual merchandising, the loyalty tool, automatic updates, and priority page load.

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What’s new in Magento Pricing in 2023?

Factors that affect Magento pricing 2023 are the choice of versions, design costs, extensions, Magento hosting and costs for development and maintenance. For the Magento edition choice, there are three service packages for customers: Basic Magento Website, Custom Magento Website and Magento Enterprise Website. Prices for these packages range from $20,000 to around $100,000. 

In Magento pricing 2023, extensions add functionalities to Magento stores, while themes help businesses create designs for their stores. To make the store look unique and attractive, free themes are not a good choice. So a paid or custom theme would be a more suitable choice. Retailers also need to have connectivity with extensions developed and integrated into Magento 2 stores for nice extra features to work around the limitations of the default version. Besides the free utilities, paid ones can help improve store performance, shipping, payment, security or administration. 

In addition, Magento hosting will also be a fee that users need to consider depending on the choice. With shared hosting, the cost ranges from $10 to $30 per month, the private server is $60 to $300, dedicated hosting can go up to $2000, and the most advanced is cloud hosting which fluctuates around $4000 a month. Besides the above costs, companies need to prepare additional development fees and maintenance fees. When it comes to development fees, most stores expect to expand after release. Development costs can start from $150 to $4000 based on the number of bugs, quality of development, and time limit. As for the maintenance costs, businesses need their website to run smoothly and continuously, so it is necessary to install security patches, update the website, and update the design. And from there, the cost will be different between users.

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Tips for Magento Pricing 2023

To get a complete Magento solution at a reasonable price, companies need to consider Magento pricing 2023 thoroughly. First of all, they need to look at their own business. What they need to determine is the size, needs and capital of the business. After that, it is also important to consider whether the system in use can integrate with Magento. You need to make sure that features and extensions run smoothly with your business. To limit risk exposure, users should regularly update and monitor their activity to detect possible risk factors. 

Additionally, retailers need to learn about the latest advancements in Magento technology to be able to adapt to changes. If you are a beginner or want to focus entirely on business strategy, you can hire a qualified Magento expert team to provide system commissioning services to give you dedicated support. Moreover, stores also need to maintain a strict level of safety and protection. 

Notably, another tip for Magento users is to choose a system that comes with full features to provide a flawless experience. POS solutions or software (point of sale) that need to meet the requirements of managing all business activities: products, orders, inventory, customers, reports and analytics. Thus, your Magento pricing 2023 will be less burdensome.

ConnectPOS is a leading custom-built point-of-sale solution for Magento stores. It is flexible to fit the omnichannel needs of the users. Besides, it also offers more than 30 POS expansion integrations including payment gateways, loyalty programs, and gift cards. Global users will get 24/7 support from this team. This system offers multi-channel businesses a powerful feature of centralized data combined with an intelligent inventory management solution called The Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) that helps organizations manage multiple stores at the same time. 

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without having to switch between apps. Data such as orders, products, inventory, and customers will be synchronized in real time between sales touchpoints. More than that, the plugin also supports business-specific customization that works seamlessly with other integrations like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), payment gateways, and accounting systems. This also makes migrating from another platform much easier. Notably, ConnectPOS also accepts a variety of payments and integrates with the most famous payment gateways so that buyers can checkout or pay as they wish. They can buy online pick-up in-store (BOPIS), pay via card, cash, or optional portals.


Magento pricing 2023 is affected by many factors so that businesses can get a complete and most suitable solution. To choose economical features and extensions, e-retailers need to consider their needs. They can consult advice from experienced professionals to get the best advice. Contact us if you are looking for a complete solution to support your Magento website.

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