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Top 5 POS Systems In Mexico

Top 5 POS Systems In Mexico

In Latin America, Mexico takes up nearly 30% of the eCommerce market’s revenue in the region in 2020. As the second highest-value among Latin American countries, Mexico has been thriving in the eCommerce market. Being a retailer in Mexico can be advantageous due to this development, but also quite challenging because of the high number of competitors. When it comes to the POS system in Mexico, there are also many options to choose from.

If you are unsure which one to choose, this blog will give you an overview of the top 5 POS systems in Mexico for your consideration.


Being a leading POS provider all over the world, ConnectPOS also targets Mexico as one of its potential markets. This POS can be widely used in different types of devices, including PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Regarding its functionalities, this POS system is most suitable for omnichannel businesses that want to connect online and offline selling platforms.

Point-of-sales Feature

ConnectPOS offers its users excellent omnichannel features, such as click-and-collect, real-time synchronization, inventory management, and many more. The POS system offer an excellent ability to centralize data as it allows the retailer to manage multiple stores at the same time. The POS system is directly integrated with top eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce so users don’t have to switch between apps.

With offline mode feature, ConnectPOS can operate smoothly when the internet is unstable and automatically synchronize data when the connectivity is stable. All data includes products, orders, customers and transactions can be store within a unified platform.

Beyond these must-have functions for retailers, ConnectPOS can also include other top-notch technologies, such as PWA Consumer App, interactive second screen, etc. ConnectPOS also have strong customization capabilities as the software can integrate with ERP, CRM, payment gateways and accounting system in Mexico. 

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A good news is that, with these powerful characteristics, ConnectPOS only comes with very affordable pricing, starting from $39/ device/ month.

Free Trail

Inventory management Feature

ConnectPOS has a native inventory management solution – MSI. It is a comprehensive management tool that helps Mexican companies track multiple sales channels and warehouses and manage purchase orders. MSI allows you to integrate and get product lists from sales channels, or import products by CSV to reduce manual effort. It’s also make it easier when retailers can create and fulfill sales orders for multiple shipping addresses choose a default address for the next purchases. 

The inventory management feature in ConnectPOS can also manage list of suppliers and can keep multiple contacts of them. Combining withe the power of ConnectPOS Mexico POS, the Multi-Source Inventory can leverage O2O (online to offline) Mexico business to the next level.


Odoo is the next POS we would recommend to retailers in Mexico. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and budgets with customizable business applications. Odoo offers its users almost everything a business needs, ranging from CRM, sales, inventory to accounting and many more. In this all-in-one software, every module is interconnected so that users can enjoy a unified experience from app to app. Store owners thus can save time and labor costs, as Odoo can automate many manual input processes. 

POS Feature

Odoo POS also functions well when internet connectivity is interrupted thanks to the offline mode feature. One of the outstanding advantages of Odoo POS is its customer management program. The Odoo loyalty program can reward customers with points, gifts and customized discount rules. With Odoo Email Marketing, retailers can keep track of customers’ shopping habits and send them special offers. 

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With such centralized systems, Odoo offers various options, including different functional apps, extra integrations, hosting types and implementation services. Mexican companies can consider their business needs and flexibly choose the most suitable options.

Inventory management

Odoo POS in Mexico supports retailers with real-time control of stocks and forecasting inventory status. With better organize your warehouse, Odoo POS ensures there is no fraction in stock input, output or transformation. You can keep stock tracking from purchase to warehouse and sale orders and have a clear real-time report. 


Although owned by an Indian company, RetailGraph is a good POS system in Mexico for both retailers and wholesalers. The most suitable type of customers is small and mid-sized businesses. RetailGraph provides advanced features in a centralized monitoring system, which is beneficial for store owners to control their business activities better. They are customer transactions, inventory controls, real-time pricing, etc.

POS Feature

First, one of the most important features of RetailGraph that is worth mentioning is Reporting across the chain. It provides detailed reporting and analysis for businesses to make better decisions. All business data is centralized in a POS system and retailers is able to plan accordingly. The access and sharing of information is easy between cashiers, managers and other staffs.

RetailGraph also delivers multiple billing options and serves customers whenever they need them. It also integrates loyalty programs and personalized services for each customer account. With RetailGraph POS Mexico, customers are motivated to generate more sales and keep coming back to your store.

Another advantage of RetailGraph is its compatibility with different devices, which are Android, desktop and web-based applications. Among them, mobile application integration is an outstanding advantage. The price of RetailGraph depends on your needs, which will be informed when customers contact their team.

Inventory management

RetailGraph use a barcode scanning feature to manage a variety of stock and product in warehouses. It’s a easy way for retailers to track inventory from multiple locations. Providing real-time product information synchronized with POS transaction also help store owners receive accurate accounting information.

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Square is well-known all over the world thanks to its suitability for small businesses and flexible plans. In Mexico, Square’s values remain the same with powerful retail functions. It delivers robust tools for sales monitoring, online payments, inventory control and other analytics. Square aims to facilitate retailers in their daily transactions, ranging from a barcode scanner, discounts, credit card and gift card processing, and refunds. 

An advantage of using Square is that this system has a free version with basic functions. However, if you look for more advanced features, you need to pay the subscription, plus the processing fee. 


Lightspeed is a POS available in Mexico, whose target customers are retailers, restaurants, and golf clubs. In this blog, we will focus on Lightspeed Retail to be comparable with other POS on this list. 

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Similar to other POS, Lightspeed offers its users the basic functions to run a business, including inventory management, sales analysis, customer management, payment processing, and more. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with Lightspeed eCom and is available on iPad for more convenience. The most visible drawback of Lightspeed is its price, as it is not so suitable for companies with tight budgets. However, with pricing plans starting from $69/register/month, Lightspeed is still a great choice to consider with powerful tools and a user-friendly interface.

Wrapping up

We hope that the list of the top POS in Mexico can help you decide the most suitable POS for your store. If you want to know more or experience ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact our team or start a free trial. We wish you the best in your future business experience!

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