PWA Consumer App

A Magento awarded innovation. Create a seamless shopping experience for your in-store consumers, all via their mobile phones.


Easily access by QR code

Your customers can just walk into stores, scan a QR code, then they will have access to an app-like interface that enables them to surf the full range of products. No app installation required!

Scan barcode for product information

By scanning the bar code, customers can immediately get the product detail information including price, quantity in stock or product variations, and also easily put chosen items into their shopping cart.


Personalize recommendation

AI integrated in ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App gives customers personalized recommendations based on items in their shopping cart and purchase history.


Order out-of-stock items

Don’t let your customers leave the store with disappointment as their favourite items are already sold out! ConnectPOS PWA Consumer app allows customers to order out-of-stock item and choose to either pick it in store or have it delivered to their front door.

If they go for in-store pickup, all what they need to do is to simply have cashier scan their bar code and then collect the ordered items.

Easy self-checkout in seconds

Customers easily make payment on their mobile devices and receive a barcode. Cashiers then scan the barcode, and the checkout process via PWA is completed.

PWA Consumer App supports various payment methods including: cash, gift card, promo code and Paypal.

PWA - The key technology for future merchant success

Reduce sale-workforce at physical stores
Solve the mobile conversion dilemma and deliver highly personalized experiences cross channels
Increase sales and customer satisfaction by selling out-of-stock products
Shorten in-store checkout process
Collect data about in-store behaviors

Manage all sales data in a single place

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Features Overview
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Wireless Customer Screen
AI Facial Recognition

Power your store with the best POS combined with PWA Consumer App