Making cost reduction with top 3 Best Lightspeed Alternatives in 2023 Steven P May 26, 2023
Making cost reduction with top 3 Best Lightspeed Alternatives in 2023
Making cost reduction with top 3 Best Lightspeed Alternatives in 2023

Lightspeed is a leading cloud eCommerce platform for small and medium businesses worldwide. For businesses that want to expand in terms of scale and revenue, this is an extremely accurate choice. However, in the current market, Lightspeed is said to be service software with such a high price that many brands cannot meet and pay for those fees. In addition to the fees with the point-of-sale (POS) system to support business management, the cost of the payment process and improving customer experience should also affect revenue. In this article, we would like to introduce the three best Lightspeed alternative 2023 which gives stores the same features but at a more reasonable fee for cost reduction.


ConnectPOS is one of the top Lightspeed alternative 2023 suggestions because of the complete features it brings at a reasonable price. This is a good support tool for businesses in the retail sector and the eCommerce industry with suitable support for omnichannel businesses, both online and physical stores. The POS software provides many of the features needed to meet the expanding needs of small and medium businesses as well as brands. It comes with powerful store management features like order management, inventory management, and customer management.

Making cost reduction with top 3 Best Lightspeed Alternatives in 2023

ConnectPOS order management feature allows users to view the order list and order fulfillment process. For shoppers, they will easily search for products and check the information and status of the goods. Moreover, this solution provides a powerful centralized data feature combined with the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), providing maximum support for managers in tracking inventory and controlling stocks. With this help, businesses and brands, especially seasonal brands, can make the right purchasing decisions and marketing strategies, ensuring cost optimization. For brick-and-mortar stores, this alternative also offers a great combination of inventory management with smart tracking systems that give customers a seamless and fast experience with pricing and information displayed.

Along with that, the customer management and loyalty program is created and managed by Lightspeed alternative 2023 to bring rewards points and gift cards to shoppers. This will help businesses retain customers for a long time when their orders receive appropriate incentives on shopping occasions, from which the company’s revenue will increase significantly. Notably, ConnectPOS supports a quick and convenient checkout process. It offers multiple forms of payment support that make the store checkout process more flexible and secure. The platform also supports users to accept multiple payment methods and especially helps with the self-checkout process to provide an optimal experience for consumers. In particular, this software has a cheaper service plan and no third-party processing fees. It has no mandatory payment and does not charge any additional fees for retailers. The solution also charges many industries with the same processing fee according to the standard of it.

This alternative offers a 14-day free version. This is extremely reasonable for businesses that have not yet made their choice. Moreover, service packages are provided at reasonable prices that will suit the needs of each business size and type of operation.


Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that is fit to be the Lightspeed alternative 2023. The system has tools to help manage the customer experience, as well as sales, inventory, and data. customers, and information and data in the business operations of the enterprise. Vend’s software is designed to work on a variety of devices including Macs, PCs, and iPads, and has dedicated iPad apps available. It can also work with a variety of in-store hardware including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. In particular, the offline mode that allows users to continue selling even when the internet is down and automatically re-syncing once the system is back online is a point that users appreciate in this alternative. 

Vend POS software has efficient third-party integration and other great features. Additional modules embedded in this system also include important processing features such as payment features, sales and inventory management systems, customer profiles, split payments, creation of offers and gift cards, and eCommerce integration. All these great features can help stores make continuous sales through channels like digital, brick-and-mortar, and mobile. Customers can register at the store using their mobile phones and pay with their PayPal account. The Vend can support mouse and keyboard or touchscreen input, and the point-of-sale display can be customized to access specific products or actions. Other features including inventory management, customer tracking, sales reporting, and integration with Shopify are the standout features of this solution.

Making cost reduction with top 3 Best Lightspeed Alternatives in 2023

This Lightspeed alternative offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. If businesses want to use it, its standard plan ranges from $119/month for one registrar and one location, and the advanced plan starts at $199 per month.


The Lightspeed alternative 2023 – Square POS is highly regarded software in the sales management system and a set of features that not much other software has. This platform ensures that firms do business with efficiency and high quality. Square application developed on the iOS platform is freely available to end users and helps them manage their purchases well. This solution provides a full-featured alternative to Lightspeed. First of all, it can manage detailed customer records. This helps businesses create loyalty programs to retain customers longer. Besides, Square’s detailed reporting and analysis feature will help users get an overview of the business and give appropriate direction. Accurate business decisions and marketing strategies will also rely on this feature to execute. 

Moreover, this system supports integration with a wide range of business tools, like Wix or QuickBooks. From these integrations, staff management, reports, finances, and the business’s website all work exactly how managers want them to. Notably, with payment support from this platform, businesses can accept many forms of payment from cash, credit or debit card, e-wallet, or payment through third-party gateways. In particular, the buy now, pay later (BNPL) form of payment offered by this solution is a sure option that will make the customer’s shopping experience optimized.

For more advanced features, the Plus plan starts at $29/month with handling fees, which is suitable for stores and brands. However, this alternative charges a higher process fee for CBD than other industries, so businesses need to consider using it.


The Lightspeed alternative 2023 above is a great idea for businesses to choose an off-the-shelf system if they want to use a POS software solution but are not interested in Lightspeed POS. To choose a suitable system, users need to consider their needs and budget. Besides, it is also important to consider integration with third parties and hardware devices. If you are looking for an alternative to Lightspeed, feel free to contact us.

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