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The difference between Shopify affiliate and Shopify partner programs

Shopify affiliate

Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that not only supports website building but also offers a wide range of features for more convenient business. This solution also provides a vast connectivity program for retailers and enterprises. In this article, we would like to introduce two programs, Shopify affiliate and Shopify partner, and compare their differences.

Overview of Shopify affiliate

Affiliate is a model of promoting products and services in marketing. Here, distributors based on their capacity and understanding will do marketing, attract customers to buy, and use the supplier’s services. Thereby, distributors will receive a commission from the supplier when successfully influencing users to visit the website and become customers of the manufacturer. Commonly used methods are referrals, invitations, discounts, and so on.

The Shopify affiliate program is a program that connects entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify. The program is for people who refer their business audience to Shopify. It is a free program to join and allows participants to earn from the business organization they refer to and earn commissions from each new merchant referral on Shopify.

To register as a Shopify affiliate, users first need to own and operate an active website. In addition, your number of guests must be stable and long-lasting. Plus, you can be a creator of original content, such as online courses, blog posts, videos, or tutorials, and must have commerce experience especially on Shopify or other well-known platforms. 

Overview of Shopify partner programs

Unlike the Shopify affiliate program, the Shopify POS partner program is a diverse group of designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates that use the Shopify platform to build websites, themes, and apps. This platform will give them a great way to grow their business and generate continuous monthly revenue through referring customers to Shopify, creating eCommerce themes and providing Shopify apps. This program will help store owners or brand owners expand their sales on a secure and reliable omnichannel platform.

When becoming a Shopify partner, users will receive many significant benefits. They will have access to free training courses, in-depth documentation, and other resources to grow their own businesses. Plus, they also get quick and easy access to Shopify’s product roadmap, insider information, and previews of upcoming features, and receive support to resolve questions provided by the customer quickly.

The difference between Shopify affiliate and Shopify partner programs: Which is suitable for you?

The basic difference between the two Shopify programs is probably the audience. While the Shopify partner program is focused solely on Shopify users with the platforms and apps it offers, the affiliate program is scalable to many other users beyond the platform. Moreover, in the Shopify Affiliate program, affiliates can get a percentage in their sales of any product. Meanwhile in the Shopify Partner Program, you can add your own products to sell. In addition, the Partner program will be linked and operated directly on the platform while the Affiliate program will operate through another platform, Impact. This is a trusted third-party affiliate tracking platform that hosts the affiliate Program. It provides Shopify affiliates with third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission payments. Thus, each program will be suitable for each different audience depending on the purpose that the organization wants to use.


Choosing either Shopify affiliate or Shopify partner programs will help firms gain collaboration and direct connection to this global platform, which can bring them great value in eCommerce. If you need assistance connecting to Shopify’s programs, feel free to contact us.

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