Get real time control & accurate forecasts with multiplatform pos system Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Get real time control & accurate forecasts with multiplatform pos system

Get real time control & accurate forecasts with multiplatform pos system

Businesses that want to reach more customers today are aiming for omnichannel and cross-platform business. To succeed in business, businesses need to have real-time control and make accurate predictions for the business trends of the market. In this article, we would like to introduce real-time control and accurate forecasts through a multiplatform POS system for businesses to consider.

What is a multiplatform POS system?

A multiplatform POS system refers to a type of point-of-sale software that works on any web-enabled device, regardless of the operating system. In other words, this software can work on desktop computers, tablets, or mobile phones even if they are a combination of Windows, iOS, Mac OS, or Android devices.

This POS system helps businesses save costs by reusing existing hardware. It also helps them sell more with mobile POS and can sell even when the Internet has problems. A multiplatform POS system can help improve customer experience through fast transaction service and processing from anywhere in the store. It also allows businesses to scale easily as any web-enabled device can be turned into a station. Moreover, it enables sales no matter where your customers are.

Get real-time control & accurate forecasts with a multiplatform POS system

Optimize inventory control

A multiplatform POS system provides real-time control and accurate forecasting through optimized inventory control. The warehouse is an important factor because it coordinates most of the business processes. A multiplatform POS solution with inventory tracking and control will help businesses easily capture the business situation in just a single management system. Additionally, forecasting sales can help a restaurant or any other retail business identify items that are popular with customers. It can also identify changes in demand for a particular item. POS information can also help a company generate predictions based on historical data trends and ensure that specific products are not out of stock, thereby making business decisions that maximize profits.

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Improve planning sales and performance of orders

With the multiplatform POS system, businesses can take real-time control and make accurate predictions through improved planning sales and performance of orders. Sales forecasting is very important for businesses because accurate forecasting can help enterprises plan sales activities effectively, which in turn can maximize profits. For this POS system, businesses can rely on reporting parameters and analyze whether the total sales target can be achieved or not. Along with that, the manager will be able to see the potential to implement marketing strategies to drive more customers and increase sales based on sales analysis. Sales managers can rework their strategy to achieve the goal set by the forecasting process to adjust their strategy to achieve the goal. Predicting future sales improves planning and this makes forecasting sales important for businesses.

Choose the right system 

An important note to business users is that choosing the right system is also important. First of all, to easily get real-time control and accurate forecasts when doing omnichannel and multiplatform business, businesses need to make sure to choose a POS system that supports this feature. Besides, the POS system needs to have the feature of real-time data updates and allow reporting and analysis to get accurate forecasts for the next decisions. 

ConnectPOS is a system that meets the criteria for businesses that want to do multiplatform business. With the Centralized data feature that comes with the MSI (Multi Source Inventory) system, it helps businesses to collect data anywhere and easily review them.

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Real-time control and accurate prediction through a multiplatform POS system bring many benefits to businesses in today’s competitive market. If you are looking for a suitable POS system for many types of business, contact us.

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