The Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments with the Shopify Card Reader Huong Vu October 9, 2023

The Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments with the Shopify Card Reader

The Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments with the Shopify Card Reader

Checkout is one of the key processes in setting up a store that any store owner needs to take care of. On the market today, many diverse payment methods meet the needs of consumers and businesses. Besides traditional payment methods, after the pandemic, there is a method that is extremely popular with businesses, which is contactless payment, and many providers are aiming for it. In this article, we would like to introduce this Shopify solution and the benefits of accepting contactless payments with the Shopify card reader.

Overview of Contactless Payments and Shopify Card Reader

Contactless payment is a new method that allows customers to simply touch or wave a card or phone with a contactless payment function on a POS (point of sale) machine to pay for an order. This contactless method uses short-range wireless technology to make secure payment transactions between a card or contactless-enabled device and the store’s POS machine. A contactless payment card is a chip card with a near-field communication (NFC) antenna that allows close-range payments to be made. This is also known as “tap to pay”, enabling customers to pay by tapping or hovering over payment terminals. 

A card reader is a device that accepts credit and debit card payments by tapping, inserting, swiping, or manually entering card information. The Shopify card reader relates to a compact card reader that connects to your Shopify POS system. This card can be a chip card, mobile wallet, or wearable on mobile devices. When used, the customer presents the card and holds it on the terminal at the POS that accepts contactless payments and only the most up-to-date systems provide this functionality. The wireless chip then transmits the card information, and once the connected device contacts the bank and submits a payment request to the card-supporting financial institution, the payment process will be completed. 

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The Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments with the Shopify Card Reader


First of all, when accepting contactless payments with a Shopify card reader, users get strong security. This method protects the transaction by replacing the buyer’s banking information with a series of random characters. This is also known as tokenization to prevent payment card information from being stolen or copied. In addition, it helps protect information by encryption. Users may also have to verify two-factor with a PIN (personal identification number) or Face ID to make payments. Today’s modern card reader devices use secure techniques to transmit customer data over the internet (for example payment encryption card reader). Before being transferred over the internet, the data is converted into a security number or token. As a result, breaking into transactions is nearly impossible. So, the touchless payment technology with Shopify card reader is more reliable and secure than other forms of payment.

When it comes to benefits for businesses, most customers prefer cashless payments, which allows companies to carry less cash, which means they are less likely to be stolen or robbed, and it also helps save time going to the bank to deposit cash and receive change.


The Shopify card reader will make touchless payment more convenient because it is faster than other conventional methods. Customers won’t have to wait too long to get paid for their order or miss an appointment with their favorite products if they forget their wallet at home. Buyers will not need to swipe a card, insert a card or enter a PIN.

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The convenience of this process is also assessed by its ease of use. Businesses just need to choose a modern and fully featured system; applying those features to the payment process will make it faster and easier to accept transactions. These modern technologies always have specific instructions for new users. The installation, setup, and use processes are also easy and fast, suitable for all stores.

Moreover, contactless payment with card readers also brings convenience through the flexibility of payment devices. Buyers won’t have to carry around bulky wallets and fear losing them; smartphones or NFC-enabled devices are enough for the payment to be completed.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Accepting touchless payments with a Shopify card reader can bring a better customer experience. Post-pandemic customer behavior studies have shown that businesses offering contactless payment facilities deliver a smoother and faster checkout experience for customers, thereby earning customers’ loyalty. With card readers, it is easier to store transactions including order and customer and product information. Customer information will be used to optimize loyalty programs and improve customer relationships. These programs will automatically award discounts and loyalty points at the time of checkout. In addition, information about orders and products will help managers synchronize with the inventory to make accurate purchasing decisions, limit stock and increase revenue thanks to marketing programs for remaining products. Through the payment data, detailed reports and analysis will also be supported to help the brand make the right business decisions. Notably, this payment method enhances the customer experience by building trust. Customers will not have to worry about scams or transaction glitches.

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ConnectPOS is a leading cloud point-of-sale system that integrates tightly with Shopify. This solution can provide a fast, secure, and convenient payment process. It also supports touchless payments with card readers. Besides, for business management, the platform provides powerful management of orders, inventory, customers, employees, reporting support, and analysis. ConnectPOS offers a powerful centralized data feature combined with its Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) solution giving omnichannel stores the convenience of managing and tracking data on the same channel. With this support, the buyer’s transactions will also be recorded for data storage and reconciliation when needed. This POS system provides payment support to retail businesses, especially desk businesses like restaurants, bars, and so forth. Integrating this software with touchless payment via card reader of Shopify stores will help maximize the effectiveness of omnichannel business, and increase revenue for the company.


Accepting touchless payments with a Shopify card reader brings many benefits to enterprises, stores, and buyers. In addition to ensuring safety, convenience and enhancing customer experience, this method also has many other features waiting for users to discover. If you are looking for a solution that seamlessly integrates with this payment method, feel free to contact us.

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