What is Magento cloud hosting? Lana D April 20, 2022
What is Magento cloud hosting?
Magento cloud hosting

Magento provides 3 famous products. They are Magento cloud hosting, Magento Open Source, as well as Magento 2 Commerce. So, what is Magento cloud hosting? Let’s discuss it now. 

Definition of Magento cloud hosting 

Magento cloud hosting is a powerful Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. It has Magento Commerce’s amazing features. Moreover, it operates on Amazon Web Services. This edition will give you top security, a controlled services infrastructure, seamless integration with existing systems, smooth performance, as well as web storefronts with scalability. In addition, it has advanced technologies like New Relic, Fastly, and so on. Therefore, the deployment procedure becomes simpler. 

Architecture of Magento cloud hosting

Let’s check out the Pro plan as well as a Starter plan. The Starter plan architecture has business intelligence basics, a PayPal onboarding tool, and every Magento 2 key attribute. Meanwhile, the Pro plan architecture has a B2B module, Business Intelligence Pro, PayPal onboarding tool as well as Magento 2 key attributes. 

Features of Magento cloud hosting

Magento cloud hosting has many amazing features, for example:

Hosted on the Cloud

This edition’s cloud attribute enables scalability to be quick and performance to have stability regardless of what the sales season is. It operates on Amazon Web Services AWS (or when it comes to Pro projects, it works on Microsoft Azure). A lot of great developers have hosted it. These developers are good enough to ensure your eCommerce shop is running with the best productivity. Magento has full awareness of the huge traffic spikes with the ability to affect online shops as well as deal with every occurring issue smoothly. 

Enriched Administrative Suite 

Thanks to this edition, Magento Commerce’s administrative suite becomes enriched. Therefore, you can deal with complex projects easily. A few notable features are customer segmentation, page builder, business-to-business module (B2B), and so on. Moreover, the ElasticSearch feature assists in customizing search results all over your Magento store.

Key Benefits

This edition has many amazing benefits, for example:

Improvements in Page Speed 

Uploading the best videos and photos of your items is not a smooth task. They boost shopper retention as well as your e-commerce conversion rates. Yet, they can make loading time less fast. To deal with this problem, Magento provides Image Optimization innovation that is powered by Fastly. Therefore, you can optimize photos without impacting the origin server.

Simple Customization & Best Scalability

This edition does a good job of scaling the eCommerce store for controlling large website traffic. This open-source platform has smoothy customized code. Moreover, it has innovative scalability attributes. These are scalable backend product control, many master servers, order archiving, and so on. 

Improved Security

This Magento edition has some innovative security attributes. These will decrease your operational obligations. For example, with the Web Application Firewall’s additional protection layer, the store will comply with Payment Card Industry. Moreover, this assists in avoiding injection attacks, malware inputs, as well as security dangers.

In conclusion, Magento cloud hosting lets your e-store thrive with the least maintenance efforts. Please contact us for more help.

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