How Netsuite omnichannel solution digitalize operating process Huong Vu October 11, 2023

How Netsuite omnichannel solution digitalize operating process

How Netsuite omnichannel solution digitalize operating process

Today’s customers demand more of a seamless omnichannel experience, expect the same highly personalized experience across all touchpoints, want to be able to shop from anywhere, receive goods at any time, anywhere, and pay from anywhere. This has revolutionized the way companies operate. NetSuite solutions empower companies to meet these expectations while remaining flexible enough to adapt to future challenges. In this article, let’s see how Netsuite omnichannel solution digitizes the operating process. 

Overview of Netsuite omnichannel solution

Netsuite omnichannel solution is a synchronization support solution for businesses. With this platform, they can guide the customer journey more effectively by tailoring marketing content and upselling goods and services accordingly. Developers can re-engage customers via email, messages, mobile push notifications, and website pop-ups to remind them of items or pending products in the shopping cart that they have seen recently. Customers can then pick up where they left off, even if it’s on a different channel. This makes the buying process seamless and is one of the most important benefits of an omnichannel strategy. The platform has an omnichannel program that can have many moving parts, but they act as a single coordination mechanism. Each touchpoint provides a distinct yet connected experience that builds on previous interactions and takes the customer through the journey to the desired outcome.

How Netsuite omnichannel solution digitalizes the operating process

The NetSuite omnichannel solution digitizes the operating process by eliminating silent systems to provide a true multichannel experience. For many companies, software solutions are added to meet an immediate need, so they end up with another patchwork of systems. Critical information is stored in separate silos and this creates inefficiencies, requires manual processes, and increases costs. However, the NetSuite platform is fully integrated and can integrate separately with many types of business-critical software including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), eCommerce, or WMS (Warehouse Management System). For retailers, it connects online with the in-store experience for a single source of item, customer, and inventory data. This makes the experience more seamless. Along with that, it will also support integration with the company’s existing software to ensure that there is not too much conversion.

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Furthermore, with the NetSuite solution, users can gain better visibility. This is the most important factor in delivering a truly omnichannel experience, and it’s always been a big challenge. Many organizations need a complete view of the supply chain to keep up with the competition and respond to market fluctuations. NetSuite supports comprehensive real-time visibility of customers, employees, products, processes, partners, and suppliers. From there, users can track and manage orders and salespeople and can spot opportunities to upsell or cross-sell all in a single system. The NetSuite omnichannel solution, which includes customizable dashboards and reports, will also help developers manage and systematize operations for a more modern and flexible workflow.


The NetSuite omnichannel solution with its support in digitizing operational processes helps businesses increase operational efficiency and become more innovative. Contact us if you are looking for a robust management platform for your omnichannel business

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