Take a look at this top 10 POS for popup shops Steven P May 31, 2022
Take a look at this top 10 POS for popup shops
Take a look at this top 10 POS for popup shops

Pop-up stores often have important retailer-to-customer transactions. By using POS for popup shops, you can conduct a sale by recommending other accessories in the store or items that match the registry. This will help the business improve its overall sales and increase its profit margin. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the top 10 best POS for popup shops that you can apply to your store.

Top 10 POS for popup shops



ConnectPOS is a great POS for popup shops with the ability to create and launch a fully functional system that will help your store expand in no time. ConnectPOS will help your store to synchronize data with the warehouse and online store to provide the best service to customers.

Take a look at this top 10 POS for popup shops


Shopify is suitable for pop-up stores even in case of Internet disconnection. With the combination feature, it is suitable for managing products, but it may not be suitable for managing food products.


Vend is a highly rated POS for popup stores. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use system that doesn’t take much time to learn the system’s functions. In addition, the system is extremely flexible, giving retailers the freedom to open any location of popup shops with features to manage merchandise and allow managers to run reports on any data stored in the system. This POS system also allows a 14-day-free trial experience.


ShopKeep is a popup POS system for food trucks. This system provides customer support with live representatives 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. ShopKeep is the preferred system of food truck owners as it is well known for its customer support. This POS for popup shops helps to expand their workspace because it regularly updates with new releases to help retailers compete with competitors in the same industry. 


eHopper is a free mobile POS system that perfectly suits pop-up stores. It is fully portable and works with any device with a web browser, and it integrates easily with the Poynt payment processing solution. In addition, it also has important features suitable for a pop-up store such as order management, order tracking, inventory, and employee management. You can completely experience this software for free for your store.


Revel is a POS for popup shops with great mobile functionality. In addition, it also has reporting features such as aggregating business activity data, customer data, inventory, and sales data into one dashboard so users can get the insights they need in seconds. Additionally, it helps stores with inventory tracking, shipping management, and even the ability to coordinate customer relationship management (CRM). 


Square is the right POS for popup shops because of its flexibility. This system intelligently sets up your pop-up store and it’s designed to keep your stores connected seamlessly with built-in tools for advanced inventory, sales, and employee management.


Lightspeed simplifies complex operation workflows and helps your pop-up store scale. This system allows your stores to manage products, manage orders, and inventory. Besides, it also helps to track the offer and customer experience.


OmniPOS is the perfect POS system for popup shops with a range of powerful and easy-to-use features that simplifies business management. This system helps you to maintain a steady flow of business from customers. With an easy-to-setup solution, you can seamlessly migrate your pop-up store and handle all types of payments from any location, ensuring every transaction is recorded and tracked. 

Abacus POS

Abacus POS is a suitable POS system for pop-up stores to neatly run their in-store operations. This system enhances the customer experience at pop-up stores so customers don’t have to wait at checkout counters. In addition, it also supports retailers to update products and managing their business activities.


The above great POS systems will help your pop-up store to be profitable. 

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