How Is ConnectPOS Different From Other Shopify POS Systems?

ConnectPOS is a leading point-of-sale provider compatible with a number of platforms, and one of them is Shopify. How is ConnectPOS Shopify POS different from other systems in this e-commerce platform?

ConnectPOS main features

ConnectPOS has some outstanding features such as a free 24/7 support system through email and phone, online and offline connection, and a chance to select multiple warehouses. Moreover, it enables the customers to click and collect the products they want to buy.

ConnectPOS shopify pos

ConnectPOS case study with ShopifyPOS

ConnectPOS has continued to be the most reliable solution for more than 250 ShopifyPOS retailers. Shopify Point-of-Sale is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. Some of ConnectPOS’s clients in Shopify are JAT clothing, Departure Thailand, and French-frites with various improvements.

What makes ConnectPOS Shopify POS stands out?

Real-time synchronization

The ConnectPOS Shopify POS app instantly updates the stock between inventory and the point-of-sale for every shopping session. Real-time synchronization helps retailers to digitalize the behaviors of customers and track data in real-time at customers’ touchpoints. Whether you are online or offline, your data will always be ready whenever you need it. This ensures that your stock data is not only up to date but also safe.

Compatible with PC and mobile 

The compatibility of ConnectPOS with PC such as macOS and Windows, and with mobile devices such as Android and Ios makes it outstanding. Unlike other POS systems, ConnectPOS is compatible with Android, making it one of the most reliable points of sale apps for Shopify. 

No extra fee for third party payment gateways

The ConnectPOS Shopify POS app partners with some of the well-known and best payment gateways such as Cardknox, PayPal, and Payment Express. One of the advantages of using third-party payment gateways is that selling is made quicker by minimizing the customer’s waiting time. On top of that, it requires no extra fee for the transactions you make, since you can only pay directly to the third-party payment gateways.

payment gateway

Inventory management 

The ConnectPOS Shopify POS inventory management has a number of advantages. You can view the history of inventory adjustments for products. Inventory tracking also enables you to stocktake or monitor out-of-stock products. Furthermore, it alerts you when you need to make new products or order products that are almost running out of stock.


These are some of the amazing features that make ConnectPOS one of the best ShopifyPOS apps. The combination of ConnectPos and Shopify’s point of sale app is one of the best solutions for the growth of your retail shop. You can consider ConnectPOS Shopify POS and improve the omnichannel retail business.

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ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider that operates on Shopify and many other e-commerce platforms. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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