JAT Clothing: Boosting Online Sales With A Robust POS System hungvd September 19, 2023

JAT Clothing: Boosting Online Sales With A Robust POS System

JAT Clothing

About JAT Clothing

JAT Clothing is a women’s contemporary clothing, shoes, and accessories retailer based in Mexico City, Mexico. The brand covers a wide range of modern fashion & accessories categories with stylish and diverse silhouettes. Ever since its establishment in 1972, JAT Clothing has grown significantly. Now, the retailer boasts both brick-and-mortar stores and digital space, making their fashion items accessible to more customers. 

The demand for a robust POS system

Building their business on both online and offline platforms, JAT Clothing demands a complete solution that helps them manage all the touchpoints in an omnichannel manner. Furthermore, the fashion brand has always looked for a user-friendly POS system capable of integrating and managing all business activities in real time. Unfortunately, their previous POS system, V.POS, couldn’t fulfill those needs and demands.

JAT Clothing couldn’t seem to be able to find such ideal POS software for their fashion & accessories business anywhere until they came across ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS is a leading POS software delivering a complete solution for omnichannel retail at a fraction of the price. With various meaningful, well-functioning POS features supporting businesses in the fashion & accessories industry, ConnectPOS is among the best POS systems in the field. 

Our solution

Sync inventory between ConnectPOS and Shopify

Building their business on Shopify – one of the leading e-commerce platforms empowering more than 1 million businesses in approximately 175 countries, JAT Clothing counted on ConnectPOS thanks to its ease of use and proper functionality. First and foremost, the retailer finds the POS mechanism straightforward and convenient as all they need to do is to import their inventory to Shopify.

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Additionally, thanks to the complete integration with Shopify, ConnectPOS can synchronize with Shopify inventory in real time. The compatibility with an e-commerce platform like Shopify helps business operators manage the stock in multiple touchpoints with a single centralized system instead of separate, asynchronous systems. It helps speed up the stock update between stores and online platforms on a real-time basis. Thus, JAT Clothing can always keep track of their inventory to make timely reorder decisions and avoid selling already out-of-stock items. 

Refund and Exchange

Refunds and exchanges are the crucial features of ConnectPOS that particularly satisfy JAT Clothing. These built-in functionalities are well-functioning and easy to work with. Staff at JAT Clothing can conveniently issue refunds or process exchanges by finding the original sales transaction and refunding it or replacing items for exchange. Refunding from the original transaction makes record-keeping more accurate, benefiting the retailer with comprehensive and true sales reports. 

Integrate Pago Efectivo payment gateway

ConnectPOS already partners with many leading payment gateways like Paypal, Moneris, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc. to ensure a frictionless check-out process and the transparency of transactions for merchants. However, being aware that businesses are likely to prefer local, regional payment solution providers, ConnectPOS is always open to on-request integrations. Specifically, since JAT Clothing bases its market in Latin America, the Pago Efectivo payment gateway, based in Peru, is integrated into the POS system on request. 

Leave room for customization: Custom receipt and Personalized reports

One of the most attractive traits that JAT Clothing found in ConnectPOS is that it gives businesses the flexibility to adjust and customize their business elements. 

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The custom receipt feature is among the most “wanted” functionalities to look for in an outstanding POS system. Receipts have been treated merely as proof of purchase for too long. But more than that, it is also a part of CIP (corporate identity program). With the custom receipt feature in ConnectPOS, JAT Clothing is able to customize its own receipt design to their liking. In detail, by default, the tax will be included in the grand total amount. However, as the retailer already covers tax in their price, they reached out to ConnectPOS to remove the tax section in the receipt. And the POS solution provider has fulfilled that requirement properly and timely. 

One more feature that ConnectPOS has customized as a request from JAT Clothing is personalized reports. ConnectPOS develops such a powerful reporting system as it can produce more than 20 comprehensive reports. Regarding the retailer’s request, ConnectPOS has produced a customized report catching all the wanted data for the retailer. With that being so, JAT Clothing can have the freedom to operate their business in their own manner. 

Keep going strong in the future

After the installation and a considerable period of operation, JAT Clothing is completely satisfied with the performance of ConnectPOS. Their online sales have increased noticeably thanks to the real-time synchronization between the system and inventory. Not only does it facilitate proper stock management but it also enables real-time website stock invisibility on the website. 

Ultimately, JAT Clothing happily concluded:

“Excellent POS. I was looking for an app like this and couldn’t find it anywhere.”

All in all, the achievement of JAT Clothing is ample proof of the mutual benefits of the partnership between ConnectPOS and retailers. Now, JAT Clothing has all the proper tools and great opportunities in their hands to continue thriving in the future. 

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