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About JAT Clothing

JAT Clothing is one of the leading clothing & apparel retailers in Mexico City, Mexico.  Since 1972, for over 50+ years of operation, JAT Clothing has grown exponentially, now boasting both offline stores and digital space to allow customers a comprehensive omni-channel experience. The store specializes in avant-garde women’s contemporary clothes, shoes and accessories with diverse and stylish silhouettes.


Project Challenge

Their previous POS system couldn’t keep up with their demands for real-time omnichannel operation management in terms of system and features:

Omnichannel management
JAT Clothing needs one centralized system that can seamlessly manage operation throughout all touch points in real-time

Customization ability
JAT Clothing requires flexibility to adjust and customize business elements such as receipts, payment gateways, data reporting specifically for fashion & accessories retail industry

Our Solutions

ConnectPOS synchronizes inventory data from Shopify in real-time to manage both offline and online stores from one central data hub. This is supported by re-order function to keep trendy items from being out-of-stock.

ConnectPOS is customized to integrate Pago Efectivo – a common Latin America payment gateway – to appeal to local customers. After payment, the receipt is redesigned to fit the store’s identity and modified to exclude tax as it is already incorporated in the price.

Upon request, our POS system compiles all recorded data and produces a comprehensive report of JAT Clothing’s operation to help the store make informed, data-driven business decision and have flexibility in operating their business.


"Excellent POS! I was looking for an app like this and couldn’t find it anywhere. JAT Clothing now has all the proper tools and great opportunities in our hands to continue thriving in the future."

JAT Clothing

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