An Overview About SAP Omnichannel POS By GK: Definition, Features, Benefits & Alternatives ConnectPOS Content Creator April 29, 2024

An Overview About SAP Omnichannel POS By GK: Definition, Features, Benefits & Alternatives

SAP Omnichannel POS By GK

As the retail landscape continues to evolve in response to shifting consumer behaviors and technological advancements, businesses are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. To fully appreciate the impact of SAP Omnichannel POS By GK, it’s essential to explore its definition, features, benefits, and available alternatives.

What Is SAP Omnichannel POS By GK?

At its core, SAP Omnichannel POS By GK is a comprehensive solution designed to provide retailers with a unified and seamless shopping experience across multiple channels. Whether customers are browsing products in-store, shopping online, or making purchases via mobile devices, this platform ensures consistency and convenience at every touchpoint.

SAP omnichannel POS by GK is more than just a retail management solution; it’s a game-changer offering a host of benefits:

  • Reduced operating and development costs: By consolidating retail functions onto one platform, businesses save on operating and development costs.
  • Streamline processes for the discerning global retailer: Simplify managing operations across markets, ensuring consistency and visibility.
  • Change at the speed of business: Easily adapt to market changes with flexible features and customizable workflows.
  • Stay Compliant: Stay ahead of regulations and industry standards, ensuring secure and compliant operations.

We’ll dive into how this solution can specifically support your business later in the article. 

Key Features Of SAP Omnichannel POS By GK

  1. Omnichannel experiences

SAP Omnichannel POS by GK is engineered to deliver unified commerce experiences. It seamlessly integrates various sales channels. This integration ensures that customers enjoy consistent experiences regardless of how they choose to engage with the brand. Whether browsing online, making a purchase in-store, or accessing support through a mobile app, the omnichannel approach ensures continuity and convenience.

  1. Pricing and promotions

Dynamic pricing and personalized promotions are vital strategies in today’s competitive retail landscape. SAP Omnichannel POS empowers retailers to implement flexible pricing strategies and targeted promotions effectively. By leveraging real-time data insights and analytics, retailers can optimize pricing strategies to maximize profitability while offering tailored promotions to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

  1. Mobile by design

With the proliferation of smartphones, mobile devices have become indispensable shopping companions for consumers. SAP Omnichannel POS is designed with mobile-first principles, enabling retailers to engage with customers anytime, anywhere. The solution ensures a seamless mobile experience that enhances customer satisfaction and drives sales.

  1. Right tools for store associates

Empowering store associates with the right tools is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. SAP Omnichannel POS by GK equips store associates with intuitive interfaces and comprehensive functionalities to serve customers more efficiently. The solution enables associates to provide personalized assistance and streamline the checkout process, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience.

  1. Centralized retail store management

Efficient management of retail operations is critical for success in a competitive market. SAP omnichannel POS centralizes store management functions, providing retailers with a holistic view of their operations. From inventory management and order fulfillment to reporting and analytics, the solution offers centralized control and actionable insights that empower retailers to make informed decisions and drive operational efficiency.

  1. Ultimate integration
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Integration is the cornerstone of SAP omnichannel POS, ensuring seamless connectivity across all retail touchpoints. Whether it’s integrating with third-party applications or external data sources, the solution offers unparalleled interoperability. This seamless integration enables retailers to leverage existing investments while future-proofing their technology infrastructure, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Benefits of SAP Omnichannel POS By GK

Over the past few decades, retailers have recognized the importance of providing customers with options. Studies indicate that up to 85% of shoppers prefer utilizing both traditional and online channels. Moreover, there’s a growing trend where customers desire full control over their payment methods, delivery preferences, and even return processes.

Integration: One of the key strengths of SAP omnichannel POS by GK lies in its seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR). This integration enables retailers to consolidate their operations onto a single platform, streamlining processes and eliminating silos.

Omnichannel experience: Gone are the days when customers shopped exclusively in brick-and-mortar stores. Today’s consumers expect a seamless omnichannel experience, and SAP Omnichannel POS By GK delivers just that. Whether customers choose to shop in-store, online, or via mobile devices, they can expect a consistent and personalized experience across all channels.

Personalization: One of the standout features is its ability to personalize each customer’s shopping experience. By leveraging data analytics and machine learning algorithms, retailers can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, allowing them to tailor promotions, recommendations, and offers accordingly.

Real-time data: In today’s fast-paced retail environment, access to real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions. This system provides retailers with a comprehensive view of their inventory, sales, and customer data in real-time, empowering them to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and customer demands.

Mobility: With the rise of mobile technology, customers expect the flexibility to shop anytime, anywhere. SAP omnichannel POS by GK supports mobile point-of-sale capabilities, enabling associates to assist customers anywhere in the store and process transactions on the go. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also improves operational efficiency.

Flexibility: Whether retailers operate traditional brick-and-mortar stores, pop-up shops, or temporary kiosks, this system is designed to adapt to diverse retail environments. Its flexible architecture ensures that retailers can scale up or down as needed without compromising performance or reliability.

Improved efficiency: By automating manual processes such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and payment processing, SAP Omnichannel POS By GK helps retailers streamline their operations and improve efficiency. This not only reduces labor costs but also frees up valuable time and resources that can be reinvested into other areas of the business.

Scalability: As retail businesses grow and evolve, they need a solution that can scale with them. This system is built to grow alongside retailers, providing the scalability and flexibility needed to support their expanding operations while maintaining optimal performance and reliability.

Compliance: In an era of increasing regulations and data privacy concerns, compliance is non-negotiable for retailers. SAP omnichannel POS by GK ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, safeguarding sensitive customer information and financial data.

Future-ready: SAP omnichannel POS by GK represents the future of retail. It empowers retailers to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing their operations for long-term success in an increasingly digital and competitive market landscape. 

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Top 5 Alternatives For SAP Omnichannel POS By GK

SAP omnichannel POS by GK is great, but it can be too complex and pricey for business. if that’s the case for you, why not check out other options below?


ConnectPOS is a trusted choice for thousands businesses in multiple industries, and it can be customized to fit specific needs. 

For a more complete view, we have listed out ConnectPOS’s key features:

E-commerce integration:

  • Buy online, pay, refund, or exchange in-store, fostering convenience for customers.
  • Auto-update inventory between online and offline stores ensures accurate stock levels.
  • Support for various payment methods and tax calculation simplifies transactions.

On-the-go experience:

  • Customers can easily access product information and place orders by scanning barcodes.
  • Targeted promotions and promo codes can be sent to nearby customers through the PWA app, driving sales.

Social network integration:

  • Recognition of customers across touchpoints enables personalized experiences.
  • Targeted messages and promotions can be displayed on customers’ social networks, increasing engagement and sales.

In-store enhancements:

  • AI Facial Recognition enables personalized service by providing customer information and shopping history to shop assistants.
  • Online products are available for sale in-store, expanding the product offering.
  • Real-time stock updates and seamless integration with the main system ensure accurate inventory management.

Suitable with diverse hardware:

  • Works seamlessly on POS machines, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • Speeds up checkout with a user-friendly interface and a streamlined 3-step checkout process.

Enriched online shopping experience:

  • Click-and-collect functionality allows customers to buy online and pick up in-store seamlessly.
  • Multiple payment methods are supported, including split tenders and layaways, enhancing flexibility for customers.

Instant store updates:

  • AI Facial Recognition and real-time stock updates enable personalized service and accurate inventory management.
  • Discount settings from the POS facilitate the implementation of various promotions, enhancing sales opportunities.

Mobile device integration:

  • PWA Consumer App provides a quick and easy POS experience for both stores and customers.
  • Notifications for new arrivals and promotions keep customers engaged.
  • Self-shopping and self-checkout options streamline the shopping process, improving convenience.

ConnectPOS offers an excellent omnichannel retail experience, empowering businesses to deliver seamless and personalized customer journeys while optimizing operational efficiency across online and offline channels.


Businesses can opt for Creatio as an alternative to SAP omnichannel POS by GK. With Creatio, companies can leverage a robust set of tools and functionalities to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints. Creatio’s flexibility is one of its main strengths, as it enables organizations to adapt and scale their operations in response to changing market trends and customer requirements.

At the heart of Creatio is its robust CRM functionality, which serves as a central hub for managing customer interactions and driving engagement. By leveraging data-driven insights and automation capabilities, businesses can nurture leads, track sales opportunities, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns with precision. 

Skynamo Sales Platform

Skynamo Sales Platform offers a complete solution tailored to meet the needs of field sales teams, empowering them to maximize productivity and efficiency on the go. With Skynamo, sales representatives gain access to a suite of tools designed to streamline their workflows, from route optimization to order management and sales performance tracking. 

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One of Skynamo’s standout features is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP and accounting systems, providing a unified platform for managing sales operations. This integration ensures that data flows seamlessly between different systems, eliminating manual processes and reducing the risk of errors.


ShipBobcan be a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their e-commerce fulfillment operations. Their platform offers a seamless experience, from inventory management to order processing and shipping. What sets ShipBob apart is their extensive network of strategically located fulfillment centers, ensuring fast and cost-effective shipping options for customers across the globe. 

ShipBob’s platform has not only simplified our fulfillment operations but also improved our overall customer satisfaction. The ability to track orders in real-time and leverage their network of fulfillment centers has allowed us to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, leading to happier customers and increased sales. 


Goflow is an alternative for SAP omnichannel POS by GK that offers a refreshing approach to simplifying and optimizing workflow management for businesses of all sizes. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to streamline processes, foster collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency. 

With Goflow, automating repetitive tasks and seamlessly routing approvals become second nature, empowering teams to focus on meaningful work. 

Goflow has become an indispensable asset for our business, enabling us to work smarter and achieve our objectives with greater efficiency. If you’re looking to simplify your workflow management and elevate productivity, Goflow is a solution worth exploring.

FAQs about SAP Omnichannel POS By GK

  1. How does SAP Omnichannel POS enhance the customer shopping experience?

SAP Omnichannel POS revolutionizes the shopping experience by offering seamless integration across various channels. It ensures consistency in product availability, pricing, and promotions, regardless of whether customers shop online, in-store, or via mobile devices. This unified experience fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Is SAP Omnichannel POS suitable for all sizes of retail businesses?

Yes, SAP Omnichannel POS is designed to serve the needs of retail businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large enterprises. Its scalability and flexibility allow it to adapt to the specific requirements and growth trajectories of diverse retail operations.

  1. How does SAP Omnichannel POS integrate with SAP ERP systems?

SAP Omnichannel POS seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP systems, ensuring a cohesive flow of data between front-end retail operations and back-end enterprise processes. This integration enables real-time inventory management, accurate financial reporting, and streamlined operations across the entire retail ecosystem.

  1. How does SAP Omnichannel POS by GK handle compliance and security requirements?

This system prioritizes compliance and security to safeguard sensitive customer and business data. It adheres to industry best practices and regulatory standards, implementing robust security measures such as encryption, user authentication, and access controls. 

Additionally, it offers features to facilitate compliance with regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), ensuring peace of mind for retailers and their customers alike.


In summary, SAP omnichannel POS by GK emerges as a game-changer in the retail industry, empowering businesses to meet the demands of today’s discerning consumers. However, as with any solution, businesses must assess their unique needs and consider alternative options that may better align with their objectives. 

If you’re interested in a similar solution to SAP Omnichannel POS By GK, ConnectPOS can be a good choice. To request more information about ConnectPOS, feel free to reach out to us

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