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ConnectPOS Facial Recognition enables brick and mortar stores to do what their online counterparts have been doing for years - identify shoppers, link them to purchase history and generate exclusive personalized product recommendations based on the data, all to enhance customer experience and loyalty to the brands
Hieu Nguyen CEO of ConnectPOS
Identify customers as soon as they walk in

ConnectPOS Facial Recognition can ensure 99% accuracy even when customers make some changes in their outlook. The system is also able to recognize multiple faces in crowded scenes.

Identify existing customer

Notifications sent to sales assistants include customer name, type, visit and purchase history, and their spending. AI is integrated to suggest what the customer is likely to buy.

Know your customers better

Customer history at offline store can be linked with their online accounts, to give retailers a more insightful look into customer behavior across channels & help your sales assistants deliver a more customized and one-to-one interactive experience

Identify potential customer

ConnectPOS Facial Recognition can identify customers who have visited your store a few times but still shopped nothing! You now know that you have to take better care for them!

Identify new customer

The system can identify customers who pay their first visit to your store. Camera integrated at checkout can scan their faces to create customer accounts for them. You have now turned a new customer into a loyal customer!

A modern way to improve security

Identify shoplifters or banned customers to ensure a higher level of security for your store

Power your store with the best POS combined with Facial Recognition

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