What’s new on Netsuite app on Google play? Huong Vu October 8, 2023

What’s new on Netsuite app on Google play?

What's new on Netsuite app on Google play?

NetSuite is a cloud-based total business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management solution that helps companies operate more efficiently by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into performance. operations and finance. The tool also supports apps on operating systems like Android or iOS. Its app consistently provides real-time customer and role-based insights, alerts for important business events, the ability to approve orders and reports, and access to key figures. In this article, we would like to introduce what’s new on the NetSuite app on Google Play.

Overview of the NetSuite app on Google Play

The NetSuite app is the number one tool that provides instant access to the Cloud Business Suite. Its application allows your organization to operate as a normal system, with full functions. More than that, it is designed to make it easy for managers to do business and access data anywhere. NetSuite is further improving the mobile experience with new capabilities, including improved search and a more convenient interface. With the NetSuite on Google Play app, users can easily submit expenses, approve transactions, access customer data, and track key metrics with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards, meaning they won’t ever lose touch when not at the office. NetSuite for Android supports all standard roles and adapts to the user’s language preferences. The NetSuite app released its latest version in January with many improved features for mobile users.

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What’s new on the Netsuite app on Google play?

New changes in the NetSuite app on Google Play make it possible to improve the Global Search experience. Users can still search across all records from anywhere in the app. And now, if the user starts a search from a particular record type, the search will automatically be filtered by that type. Your business can instantly connect by just installing NetSuite and integrating your POS system into this solution. Its applications are then easily downloaded and used without having to be physically present at the company.

Its features still support dashboards that help track the business in real time with KPIs, scorecards, and trend charts. The NetSuite app will also generate reports to track expenses, capture receipts, and approve expense reports, orders, and timesheets. Moreover, the Android phone app can convert estimates, accept payments, generate sales invoices, and edit records including custom records. These are complete features for efficient business operation. NetSuite app has a mobile-first user interface with optimized mobile tasks and support for each role such as instant access to records, search, KPI checking from anywhere, and time and cost management. Thanks to this application, your organization can easily manage expenses, manage employees and their schedules, track business information, and make accurate decisions. Applications with the most up-to-date versions provide exceptional support for businesses. 

ConnectPOS is a cross-platform POS system for eCommerce businesses, which can integrate with NetSuite. With this solution, users can easily access data and manage their business from anywhere or by any means because it provides a powerful Centralized data feature. Its support with mobile app users is also optimized for a seamless customer experience.

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The NetSuite app on Google Play is a great tool to meet the dynamic needs of eCommerce. Contact us if you need assistance to connect with this app.  

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