Create your own order status to better manage your retail storeLana DApril 21, 2022
Create your own order status to better manage your retail store
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One of the most practical approaches to improving the shopping experience is to give your shoppers the whole visibility of their online order through purchase via order status. Here, you will learn the key points about it and why you should create your own order status.

‍What is a custom sales order status?

A custom order status is a new stage added to the existing order flow. We know that every purchase order comes with order status showing a stage in the workflow that an order goes through. The status of each order is displayed right in the status column of the order grid. An arrangement of order condition settings as well as the predefined order tracking is accessible to your shop. The order condition (or order state) also demonstrates where an order is positioned in the workflow.

As you know, ConnectPOS is one of the top POS solution providers at the moment. You may like that ConnectPOS’s Multi Source Inventory app provides the feature of creating order tracking based on users’ needs. If you have any extra stage of sales order processing that you want to add in between default statuses, ConnectPOS provides you with the ability to create custom status and better manage your retail store.

Why do you need to create your own order status?

Keeping improved control of order fulfillment

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‍The good reputation of your company is at risk as soon as your goods depart from the fulfillment location. More than 93% of shoppers blame businesses for unqualified order shipping. With order tracking, you have the choice to track orders exactly as well as handle any arising problems due to delays.

Increasing customer retention rate and boosting sales

More than 95% of shoppers want to be able to keep track of their purchase orders across all the steps of the delivery procedure. In fact, depending on each type of industry, some businesses might want to customize their order statuses to add different stages of order processing, such as manufacturing or dropshipping. These can act as essential selling point for their unique business requirements. Therefore, being able to customise your sales order status is an efficient method to show your customers that your business is reliable, which helps to improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

Default statuses available in sales order

Here are some common sales order statuses you may need to know. ConnectPOS also supports creating these statuses smoothly.

  • New: This label is the initial status of the order. There has been no further action yet.
  • Confirmed: Your customer has made a payment for the order.
  • Ready For Shipping: The ordered items are ready for shipping.
  • Shipping: The ordered items are in the shipping process to the customer.
  • Ready For Return: The ordered items are ready for return because your customer fails to receive them.
  • Partially Delivered: You have shipped some of the ordered items to the customer.
  • Delivered: You have shipped all of the ordered items to the customer.
  • Partially Returned: You have restocked some of the ordered items to the designated warehouse. Or, the order has a refund in part.
  • Returned: You have restocked all of the ordered items to the designated warehouse. Or, the order has a full refund.
  • Completed: The order has a full payment. All items have successful fulfillment and shipping.
  • Canceled: The order is canceled by the customer or the sales admin.

In conclusion, tracking sales order status is a necessity in the eCommerce field. Reach us for more information.

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