What you should essentially know about Commercetools Huong Vu October 13, 2023

What you should essentially know about Commercetools

What you should essentially know about Commercetools

The growing e-commerce market is accompanied by technological developments and changes in consumer habits and needs that have made traditional commerce platforms limited. Today’s businesses are moving towards and gradually turning to a new commercial tool that is headless commerce. In this article, we would like to introduce what is commercetools and all there is to know about this headless platform.

What is Commercetools?

To answer the question, “what is Commercetools?”, let’s first learn about it. Commercetools is a next-generation software company dedicated to providing a headless commerce platform that works in the cloud, helping to build data blocks for the new era of digital commerce. Its software is also Commercetools – an API-first platform, which means it treats APIs (Application Programming Interface) as individual products, not parts of a larger software entity. This helps retailers build brand value by helping commerce teams create unique and engaging digital commerce experiences everywhere even in the future. The platform offers a highly scalable platform that caters mainly to medium and large enterprises with over 75 integrations and extensions.

Benefits of Commercetools to business

Commercetools is headless commerce software that stands out because it is the leader in the field and brings many benefits to businesses. This is a platform that provides a completely separate and logical front-end user experience from the back-end. The software gives businesses absolute creative freedom in designing the user interface and connecting to other channels and devices. Besides, firms can be completely cloud-based to ensure faster performance than ever before. The business won’t have to worry about slow performance, lack of scalability, and data security.

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Also, Commercetools offers speed and extensibility. This headless platform provides high-speed time to market. The agile and less time-consuming approach is supported by the choice of configuration, not its code. This platform will bring a real omnichannel experience to B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to customer) businesses. It offers very flexible commercial logic to ensure that the platform seamlessly serves the whole business. With Commercetools, users will experience the real sense of omnichannel. Regardless of the platform your business sells on, it helps you deliver the best user experience.

Get access to Commercetools

After understanding what is Commercetools and the benefits it brings to businesses. Now is the time for businesses to consider and get access to this platform. If your business is at scale and needs assistance in transitioning to headless commerce, choosing Commercetools and its extensions will help your business generate profits and a long-term reputation. If the business is small or medium-sized, choosing this platform will help them to scale and achieve more profits in the future.

One of the fastest and easiest approaches is to connect via ConnectPOS. This is a cloud-based POS (point-of-sale) system with powerful features to help manage business operations and it is one of the few systems to support this connection. This will help your enterprise move towards headless commerce quickly and easily.


Understanding what is Commercetools and its essential benefits can help your business access it more easily. If you are looking for assistance to connect with this trading platform, feel free to contact us.

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