3 Tips To Connect BigCommerce Multiple Stores ConnectPOS Content Creator October 6, 2023

3 Tips To Connect BigCommerce Multiple Stores

BigCommerce Multiple Stores

Multistore eCommerce refers to the ability to manage many stores from a single platform, using a single domain, and via a single admin portal. As a result, BigCommerce multiple stores are recently more welcomed. In this article, we would introduce 3 tips to make shopping easier and more comfortable for your customers when taking advantage of BigCommerce.

Why should we approach multiple stores with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a hosted eCommerce platform that is built for rapid expansion and scalability. This customer-centric platform has taken multichannel commerce by storm, with an annual growth rate of 600%! Here are some benefits of using BigCommerce multiple store:

  • This SEO-friendly platform has advanced features.
  • Transaction fees are not charged by BigCommerce.
  • The website builder is simple to use and configure.
  • Excellent omnichannel and multichannel commerce solutions.
  • The ability to connect to a number of different payment gateways.

How to work efficiently with BigCommerce multiple store? 

Create a content plan for many sites

With various stores, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all content strategy. If you want to do it well, you’ll need the necessary resources and technology on hand to help you along the way. While the increased complications of SEO and digital assets will make marketing more difficult, this is a chance for your company to become a lead-generating machine.

You’ll need to conduct thorough market and keyword research for each of these sites as part of your assignment. You’ll also need to learn about customer personalities and begin researching their search patterns. It’s vital to remember that the content of each store will vary depending on the market.

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It is necessary to optimize for each page, title, listing, and so forth. The fact is, for each of your shops, you want to rank higher than your competition. So make sure not to market those web stores in a way that pits them against one another. Don’t let your stores compete with one another. 

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Manage inventory of BigCommerce multiple store in a central source 

Forget about managing your product data or digital assets in BigCommerce’s backend. It can limit the amount (and quality) of content provided on each storefront, as well as how you syndicate with external channels. Many staff members also find it difficult to access. 

This problem will be solved when you combine it with a POS that synchronizes inventory between online and offline stores. ConnectPOS software is quite outstanding in this feature. 

This platform provides a seamless inventory management system, allowing you to enrich data for marketing and sales purposes of a BigCommerce multiple store.

Create an omnichannel solution

The omnichannel imperative is built around the concept of reducing customer effort. You should choose platforms that can enhance the customer experience across every touchpoint.

Customers will be especially satisfied when they can easily interact with the second screen POS or they can pay through the barcode scanning of the self-check feature. As a result, omnichannel customers are more engaged, have larger shopping baskets, and tend to come back more often.


BigCommerce multiple store solutions can assist you with customer fulfillment, and a proficient ConnectPOS can help you keep track of everything. So book a demo to start using this software immediately!

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