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What Does Commercetools Do?

What Does Commercetools Do?

Commercetools is a complex commerce platform that is suitable for various types of transactions. It is targeted at medium and large-sized businesses with a revenue-driven focus. Its API approach enables retailers to build their brand awareness by inspiring commerce teams to create innovative and engaging experiences in digital commerce. 

So, what do commercetools do? Let’s dive in and find out about its amazing features!

Headless commerce

A headless commerce platform is responsible for all backend operations, data storage, and calculations. All of these data are exposed through a versatile commerce API. Therefore, it is possible to attach all sorts of frontends from webshops and mobile devices to voice assistants and car commerce scenarios.

As a headless commerce solution, commercetools users can have complete control over the frontend, without having to stick to stringent structures laid out by the software provider. They can experiment and A/B test new features quickly without affecting backend stability. By separating frontend from backend features, commercetools helps boost customer experience and save money as well.

Cloud commerce

Focusing on delivering a resilient and fast cloud platform, commercetools allows merchants to develop their functionalities rather than worrying about maintenance and upgrading.

Below are some advantages of this commercetools feature that your business can benefit from:

  • Online with guaranteed availability
  • Scale automatically (even when there are traffic peaks)
  • Offer the highest data security standards
  • Fast and responsive applications
  • Deliver 100+ feature releases and updates every year
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In-store app

One of the best commercetools features is the In-store app. Nowadays, customers buy the products where it is most convenient for them. With commercetools In-store app, sales staff can deliver better services to customers visiting the physical store since they have access to order history and a real-time inventory overview for multiple locations. Also, they can view product information and recommendations to support them in creating an excellent shopping experience. As a result, this commercetools feature helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


It helps store staff and managers keep track of the most important business metrics, such as customers, number of orders, inventory, and many more.


The stock levels of products and variants in all stores will be updated in real time.

Order management

The order status can also be done just by a single finger-tap. For example, Click-and-Collect orders for a specific physical store can be accessed right on the screen.

Customer history & recommendations

By being able to view a customer’s purchase history as well as recommended products, the store employee can make relevant suggestions and offer a tailored consultation.


Commercetools makes it easier for you to expand your commerce possibilities quickly and easily with its Integration Marketplace. All extensions and integrations are built with standardized best practices in mind, which means you can freely grow your business with ease.

Retailers can easily add functionality and tools within their business environment as the Marketplace contains a wide range of solutions for different needs. Therefore, you will be able to keep your ecosystem up to date while improving your commerce experience with these class-leading and scalable integrations. This commercetools feature helps you create a commerce architecture that is tailored to your business.

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Final words

commercetools is undoubtedly the e-commerce solution for innovators and visionaries. Having more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce, customers are sure to achieve great success with these incredible commerce tools features.
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