What is composite product? ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

What is composite product?

composite product

Did you know that selling delicious wine by the glass is possible? Also, do you notice that you can tie a few badges and short-sleeved casual tops with twine, and then, you can sell them to your customers as an item? The composite product allows you to do so. With it, you can bundle various goods together. After that, you sell them as a product. Otherwise, you can unpack and sell them as separate products. For more information about composite products, read the article below.

What is the composite product?

The composite product enables you to make customizable goods kits. These include some stock-controlled components. For example, now and then, your store sells a bottle of alcoholic drink by the glass. And on other occasions, you sell a bottle of alcoholic drink with the glass. Thanks to the composite product approach, you work to sell the same goods in more than one method. Please note that you can make composite products with existing inventory. Else, you have the choice to import the composite goods from the very beginning.

It is worth mentioning that the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) app from the leading POS provider ConnectPOS supports the composite product. It likewise enables you to control every stock source with none of the 3rd-party platforms or extensions. Also, thanks to this system, you can connect many stock sources to one or a lot of websites. You can easily calculate the quantity of goods added depending on the sources made accessible for the website.  

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There are a lot of advantages using the MSI app from ConnectPOS. For example, it improves how you manage offline stores, sources, as well as products. As a result, you can proceed with the composite product approach more smoothly. Using the MSI app also helps boost shop sales. It improves shoppers’ experiences as well, thanks to better stock visibility. With it, you can control dropshipping with ease. Also, MSI supports buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS), which makes your customers buying your composite product become happier. Also, the system gives updated stock reports.

The right tool for workload before you get into the composite product

When your inventory management doesn’t necessitate extensive stock control, you have the flexibility to explore form-centered or attribute-centered options for your goods. For instance, consider incorporating Product Add-Ons, which allow for customizable choices and supplementary features that enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Conversely, if the product kits you intend to offer are relatively unconfigurable, opting for Product Bundles could be the ideal solution. These strategies empower you to present your products in a way that meets your specific business needs while providing customers with the flexibility and options they desire. By choosing the right approach, you can tailor your product offerings to align with your inventory management style and customer preferences, ultimately optimizing your sales and customer satisfaction.

How to leverage the features of the composite product

First, you should make a combination of a few different goods. Make them into a present pack, for instance, for Christmas. 

Also, combine an arrangement of the same goods to create more savings for your shoppers. Moreover, you can combine a few fractional goods, for example, samplers for wine-tasting.In conclusion, in the above post, we have mentioned what a composite product is. We have also given you some basic information about it. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about it. 

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