What are Shopify POS alternative to sell Shopify prohibited products? Huong Vu September 27, 2023

What are Shopify POS alternative to sell Shopify prohibited products?

What are Shopify POS alternative to sell Shopify prohibited products?

Shopify is at the top among consumer service and online business websites. With all the benefits it brings to businesses, it can be affirmed that this is the best eCommerce platform, suitable for most services and retail sectors. However, one point that Shopify has not yet met with businesses is accepting some special goods. Retailers need support from other platforms or apps for their Shopify website. In this article, let’s find out what are Shopify POS alternative solutions to sell Shopify prohibited products.

Shopify prohibited products that retailers must know

Shopify administrators have created a long list of prohibited and restricted items on its eCommerce platform. Even if your business has legitimate dealings with any items on the list, Shopify does not allow those products to be transacted and sold.

The first product mentioned is alcohol. This may sound very absurd as this is a popular product in most countries worldwide but it is still restricted on this platform. Sellers will not be able to sell this product on Shopify, whether legal or not. Likewise, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are also on the list to watch out for. If your business sells anything tobacco-related, Shopify will not accept you as a seller (whether it is cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-juices, or smoking accessories that cannot be sold through this eCommerce platform).

Besides, consumer fireworks will also be banned on Shopify even though many manufacturers have legalized it and approved it in many countries but not on Shopify. Along with that, guns and weapons, including knives are also warning products. It also does not allow the sale of ammunition, gunpowder, analogs, and explosives. One thing worth noting is that Shopify is limited to all users.

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Solvents such as benzene, gasoline, and kerosene are quite common but cannot be traded on Shopify. In addition, pharmacies cannot sell drugs online even if they are claimed to have health benefits. This online platform also bans internet games, in-game currency, and online game credits. Notably, there is a product that is becoming popular and many countries allow its medicinal use, which is CBD (cannabidiol), but it is still on this limited list. To sell them on your Shopify store, they will have to apply for a lot of licenses, even when the business will be withheld revenue until verified. This affects many retailers and they need to find alternatives.

What are Shopify POS alternative solutions to sell Shopify prohibited products?


ConnectPOS is an answer for what are Shopify POS alternative systems to sell prohibited products. It is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution that allows merchants from various disciplines to run their internal business processes. For stores that sell limited products, this software supports synchronization and omnichannel business for improved revenue and an easier shopping experience for shoppers. This POS system manages orders, inventory, and customers for efficient procurement processes. The synchronization feature will help users easily check the stock thanks to the product name and item code. Besides, for CBD products, it allows stores to store in stock and sell by gram, which is a very useful support.

Moreover, the plugin also supports retailers to accept multiple forms of payment. Retailers may allow customers to pay through cash, credit or debit cards, and pay through third-party payment gateways. Notably, users can get detailed reports and analysis for their business; from there, they can make reasonable marketing campaigns and make accurate purchasing decisions.

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Square is an alternative Shopify POS solution for selling the above-mentioned products. It is a comprehensive cloud POS system, providing both hardware and software to meet most of the business needs of an omnichannel store. First of all, merchants can easily manage their inventory. Managing their information is very important, especially with products that are restricted on Shopify. This control is accompanied by information on regional and state regulations. Besides, it provides information on the date of entry and details on the type and quantity of products for the seller to give buyers or customers the ability to track and make appropriate purchasing decisions.

This software solution is one of retailers’ most suitable POS options; it supports commerce features. Your business points of sale will easily manage sales, payments, and other features to support online stores, such as managing generated orders and syncing data with the offline store. Square also offers the convenience of the payment process as multiple methods are accepted to make it easier for users to make transactions. The solution also has a customer management feature that helps stores create loyalty programs. This helps retailers attract and retain customers through tailored marketing programs.


Lightspeed POS alternative to Shopify suits retailers in a wide range of businesses. The solution provides business tools with features for inventory management, retail store management, cash drawer control, payment processing, order management, customer record access, accounting software integration, and integration with POS hardware such as barcode scanners or receipt printer tools. These are the features that a store selling prohibited products should have. In particular, Lightspeed offers a fully integrated eCommerce platform that allows users to manage in-store and online inventory. They will see the number of products, their status, and relevant regulatory information.

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The system also provides multi-store capabilities such as inventory synchronization across all locations, integration of extensions, inventory management, and customer list management. Notably, creating a customer profile for businesses that sell products like CBD, cigarettes, fireworks, and so forth is critical to having information available to authorities when needed. The software also supports personalization and comes with 24/7 support. Along with that, the process of processing payments, making returns, accepting gift card payments, and applying discounts are also solved by this solution.


Fortunately, sellers are still able to continue trading their products. They can still sell many items listed in this guide on “What are Shopify POS alternative solutions?”. The providers enforce similar policies when it comes to harmful and illegal activities. In addition, the seller will also have to receive penalties for breaking legal rules. If you are looking for the best Shopify POS alternative, feel free to contact us.

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