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Top 5 POS Systems Supporting Draft Orders

POS draft orders

Draft orders are orders that you generate on behalf of your clients. You may send them as an invoice, which will be transformed into an official order after payment is received. This is a powerful part of POS systems, and as a store owner, you may want to look for a POS that supports draft orders. Therefore, this blog will give you the top 5 POS systems with that feature.

Before going further to the top 5, let’s discuss why businesses need draft orders. From the most general view, they need it for pre-orders or sales made via phone/chat. In other cases, staff members may want to save and work on a draft later.

Now that you know the essence of POS draft orders, here are the top 5 POS that support this feature.


ConnectPOS is well-known for its outstanding omnichannel experience. Their most notable features, such as click-and-collect options and real-time synchronization, are all focused on providing customers with the shopping experience across online and physical locations. The system works with a variety of devices (PCs, tablets, and smartphones), as well as iOS and Android.

The draft order is a powerful and easy-to-use feature of ConnectPOS. Users only need to select the register, add products to the cart, customize the order and click ‘save’. After that, you can easily retrieve the on-hold orders or delete them, depending on specific situations.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is the next point of sale system supporting draft orders. You can create orders for clients and send them invoices from the Shopify admin or the Shopify app. 

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In addition, users of Shopify POS can also send draft order invoices in the customer’s local currency (if you utilize Shopify Payments with multiple currencies enabled). When making payment for draft orders, the Mark as paid, Mark as pending, and Pay by credit card functions are accessible in your store’s default currency.


Square is a leading POS provider that is trusted by thousands of businesses all over the world. It suits small stores looking for simple but efficient draft order processing. Regarding draft orders, this POS system is also a strong competitor among other POS options.

This POS also allows users to create draft orders via the Purchase Order functions. After adding information about the new purchase order, users can select the option to Create or Save as Draft. Draft orders can be also handled in the mobile app, so you can make adjustments to retrieved orders anywhere with an Internet connection.


With Odoo, the order will show as a draft as soon as an item is added to the shopping cart. Staff members can go to Sales and look at the list of quotes for your eCommerce order, which will be listed at the front. Within a few clicks, you can remove or adjust the draft orders. 

Additionally, if a customer abandons an order without checking out, it is simply saved as a draft and can be deleted later. This is a good way to see how many of your customers placed something in their cart but didn’t complete the transaction.


Lightspeed POS also supports draft orders. This POS provides point of sale solutions for restaurants, golf clubs and retail shops specifically. Draft order can be effectively used in the three areas.

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Users can use the draft order function while creating new orders. This is also the only status when an order can be adjusted. Afterward, staff members can choose to delete or complete it anytime with Lightspeed.

Wrapping up 

Although draft orders are generally not considered a main POS function, they are still powerful in daily business transactions. If you have made your mind about ConnectPOS, why not trying a free 14-day trial for the most realistic overview? We’re also more than happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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