Top WooCommerce wholesale POS Plugins 2023 ConnectPOS Content Creator October 3, 2023

Top WooCommerce wholesale POS Plugins 2023

WooCommerce wholesale POS

WooCommerce is the finest eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites since it can do virtually everything you can think of. The WooCommerce wholesale POS makes it simple to start and run a business. 

This system can help merchants to synchronize and manage their physical and online stores at the same time, and automate various backend operations for sale buyers. Thanks to the system, transactions are completed with full receipts and easy payments. Let’s take a look at these few outstanding WooCommerce wholesale POS to select the most potential POS for your store. 

ConnectPOS: Farsighted WooCommerce wholesale POS

ConnectPOS gives store owners advanced options and built-in filters. It takes only a few minutes to consolidate all of your essential data into a single, easy-to-understand dashboard. In one place, you’ll be able to see data from both your conventional and internet stores.


  • The data synchronization in real-time works nicely. Orders and stock are linked between your inventory and the POS system.
  • The management of many stores and warehouses is easy, providing for a wide range of possibilities. You can pick several warehouses in a single bill.


  • When customers are in-store, AI Facial Recognition shows their purchase history in order to make better recommendations.
  • No credit card is required for the 14-day free trial.
  • PCs (Windows and macOS), as well as mobile devices (iOS and Android), are all supported.
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  • Standard: $39/mo (paid annually) or $49/mo (paid monthly)
  • Advanced: $69/mo (paid annually) or $79/mo (paid monthly)
  • Premium: $89/mo (paid annually) or $99/mo (paid monthly)


Compatible with many other software such as:

  • Payment: Palpal, Zettle, Payment Express, etc.
  • Inventory and Logistics: DHL, Boost My Shop
  • ERP: NetSuite ERP 
  • Refund and Exchange: RMA by Amassty 

WePOS: Easy-to-use WooCommerce Wholesale POS

WePOS is a safe and secure platform for managing numerous store locations and seeing real-time inventory from your WooCommerce online store.


  • Customers can effortlessly take orders and finish the transaction process.
  • Its configurable features and optimal design give accessibility and boost your business. 


  • The one-of-a-kind search feature based on REST API allows you to locate desired items and consumers as quickly as possible.
  • WePOS allows you to manage an unlimited number of outlets and counters. You may manage these locations independently and assign various cashiers/agents to each.


Premium versions with more features start at $199 per year.


WePOS approves cash, cards, and other major payment channels, no matter what sort of payment system your consumers choose.

OliverPOS: Cloud-based Plugin

Oliver POS for WooCommerce is a cloud-based plugin that is mobile-responsive, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere.


  • Inventory is instantaneously synced, so you can immediately connect your online and physical stores.
  • Oliver Hub reporting tools provide analytic reports.


  • Oliver Go is a mobile POS that can scan barcodes and produce receipts.
  • Keeping track of previous purchases and enhancing customer service.


Premium plans are divided into Basic ($19/mo) and Professional ($39/mo).

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  • This WooCommerce wholesale POS plugin is compatible with your existing devices, including tablets, iPads, and desktops.
  • Oliver works with the payment provider, including credit and debit, store credit, cash, mobile payments, etc.

FooSales: Automatic Synchronization

FooSales is a plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce wholesale POS. The WooCommerce REST API connects it to your sales channel. 


  • An easy-to-use interface for adding orders, client information, pricing, categories, and more. 
  • A safe and secure POS plugin that keeps your data safe on your website’s server.
  • Receipts are delivered to consumers’ emails automatically.
  • Taxes are levied in accordance with the situation.


  • Supports partial or full refunds.
  • Accepts cash and card payments.
  • Available for free for 30 days with no credit card or financial information required.


$149 billed annually.


FooSales is natively compatible with many popular third-party plugins and services.

  • Stripe Payments: Process in-person card payments using Stripe readers or capture card details manually.
  • Square Payments: Process in-person card payments using Square readers or capture card details manually.
  • Automatically add customers from POS orders to your CRM after they make a purchase.


WooCommerce wholesale POS is a robust eCommerce platform with outstanding performance and accessibility. If you haven’t found the most convenient one to manage your business effortlessly, call us immediately to get much better advice!

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