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Top Shopify Apps Support POS

Shopify Apps Support POS

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that brings in profits by offering solutions for businesses. If you want to save time and money, Shopify apps support POS (Point of Sale) can take your business to the next level. That’s where this list comes in! Here are the best Shopify apps support POS that work exclusively with the Shopify system to help small businesses grow and stand out from the competition.

Shopify POS System By ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is one of the best Shopify POS apps to streamline your business. It has a clean UI, and it’s easy to use and set up. Submitting product information and tracking inventory is effortless, and ConnectPOS also has an offline feature for users who don’t have the internet on hand.

Main Features

  • Integration: ConnectPOS can integrate with Shopify and other third-party apps to provide the best customer service. The system also works with other payment gateways, such as Stripe, to streamline your transactions.
  • Inventory management: You can create product lists to organize pre-written checks and easily track inventory levels. Employees can also use the barcode scanner to view the stock levels of each item.
  • Multi-user account: ConnectPOS supports multiple user accounts and enables different administrators to maintain transparency and oversight of different processes.
  • Customer management: It’s also easy to record customer information and settings for future reference. It also integrates with your customer database to track information such as appointment details, order history, and more.
  • Reports: ConnectPOS offers you reports that you can use to keep track of your business, including shipping costs, sales volume, and more.
  • Loyalty programs: It supports loyalty programs, so you can reward your customers for repeat business. This feature is very useful for encouraging return visitors.
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  • ConnectPOS offers three packages: Standard ($39/month), Advance ($69/month), and Premium ($89/month).
  • If you need assistance with customization, please email [email protected].


  • When you have a question about the system, you can contact ConnectPOS through the blog through online chat, email, phone calls, and live workshops.

Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards

If you want to encourage repeat customers, Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards is the Shopify app for you. This app allows you to reward your customers for their loyalty with special gifts, coupons, memberships, and more. You can also use this app for branding purposes by asking your customers to review your products after purchase.

Main Features

  • Yotpo allows you to create and design different rewards and clubs. For example, you can give out items such as T-shirts, mugs, or discounts on your next orders to your most loyal customers.
  • This app also integrates with your Shopify store so that you can create requests for product reviews.
  • Yotpo also includes coupons so that you can offer discounts and bonuses to customers who use your store.
  • It is compatible with Shopify’s Loyalty program so that you can keep track of customer loyalty details, such as rewards points. You can also analyze your customer data using the program’s analytics features.


  • Yotpo has plans for growing brands: Growth (from $15 / month), Prime (from $119 / month).


  • Yotpo offers support through Yotpo Help Center. In addition to this, they have a blog where you can learn about various features of the app.
  • It also organizes live webinars and workshops to teach you how to use the app effectively.
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Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

Gift Cards & Loyalty allows you to create different coupons and rewards that customers can use when they purchase your products. You can also use this app to track your customers’ loyalty by creating a loyalty dashboard.

Main Features

  • Loyalty dashboard: This app also gives you a full dashboard to track any type of data on your customers.
  • Reward points: It allows you to reward your customers based on the value of their purchases. You can set specific thresholds, such as receiving a certain number of points for each purchase that entitles the customer to one free product.
  • Coupons: You can easily create coupons for different customers, such as new customers, repeat customers, and more. You can also set up offers based on customer loyalty levels.


  • Starting at $19.99/month with a free 7-day trial, additional fees may apply.


  • Gift Cards & Loyalty has 24/7 support via phone calls and email discussions.

Shiprelay Fulfillment

Shiprelay Fulfillment empowers you to integrate shipping and fulfillment services so you can ship orders from your store seamlessly. With this tool, you can successfully fulfill orders quickly so your customers can get their items on time.

Main Features

  • Set up: Shiprelay Fulfillment is an affordable shipping service that you can set up within minutes. You can get started within the app or from the website.
  • Track shipping: You can easily track delivery times for individual orders from within the system.
  • Shipping options: Shiprelay offers a wide range of shipping options, including home delivery, next-day delivery, and more. This feature makes it easy for you to customize your shipping options based on your customers’ preferences.
  • Returns: If a customer receives a damaged item after shipment, they can return the package and get a refund. Shiprelay also features an auto-replacement option so that you can simply re-ship the product when it arrives.
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  • You can install it for free. However, there may be additional charges.


  • Shiprelay offers 24/7 support through phone calls, email, live chat, and webinars. If you have any questions or issues with the app, you can also contact customer service through email.

Final Thoughts

Shopify apps support POS to help you keep your store organized and efficient. Choosing the right app for your business becomes increasingly important as the business grows. In addition to assisting you in building your store correctly, ConnectPOS can also help you set up different loyalty programs. If you want to learn more about the Shopify POS system by ConnectPOS, contact us to get a free trial now!

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