How to optimize inventory management with Shopify POS Huong Vu October 14, 2023

How to optimize inventory management with Shopify POS

How to optimize inventory management with Shopify POS

Having a Shopify POS System solution is advantageous and challenging for companies simultaneously. This software allows you to reduce labor costs and remove time for repetitive jobs. But it can be less helpful if you are not clear about Shopify POS inventory management. Here are some surefire tips to optimize inventory management with Shopify POS.

Ensure regular updates of the system

See to it that you are leveraging the newest version of your Shopify point of sale. Updates equate to improved versions; thus, staying updated about the system can keep you from errors that the developers already handle. Many cloud POS solutions these days enable free updates applicable to users who have covered the subscription fee. Given such convenience, you should think about updating your POS regularly for the best Shopify POS inventory management.

Optimize various product variants and prices 

As for determining where to buy an item, price is usually among the most significant factors. Currently, customers can effortlessly discover hot deals for their everyday demands, which is attributed to thanks to the ready availability of comparison purchase engineers and transparency of online pricing. Considering that, you should provide the best prices on goods to satisfy customers with cost-conscious behavior. In other words, try and set up the price range afforded by your target consumers. 

In addition, you can choose to display the product variants cum prices for their optimization. The good news is that it is simple to do via point-of-sale software on the sell screen or the PWA consumer app. 

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Unify your sales channels with Shopify POS 

You can also optimize your Shopify POS inventory management this way. It gives effective, novel ways to boost sales that were impossible before. For example, omnichannel gift cards created using Shopify POS allow your customers to redeem their gift cards in-person or online. 

A popular example of this way of optimization is Il Conte. By unifying offline and online selling with the point of sale, it has seen over 89% fewer cancellations of online purchase orders, over 39% less time invested in reconciling stocks, and over 49% improvement in gift card sales.

Train the staff for the best Shopify POS inventory management

More than 30% of retail employees revealed that they did not get any official training, which you must avoid. Setting the POS system properly is essential, letting your staff use it more efficiently and preventing inventory handling mistakes. Should a new point of sale device be designed to be only mobile, you are recommended to allow your staff to use it precisely as they would when assisting actual shoppers. In conclusion, to optimize Shopify POS inventory management, you should consider the abovementioned approaches. As a trusted point of sale provider on Shopify, ConnectPOS is confident in providing the best omnichannel experience, PWA consumer app, and other cutting-edge technologies. Please feel free to call us for further information on how we can empower you to attain success!

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