Top 7 CNC project ideas to build wealth Steven P June 16, 2022
Top 7 CNC project ideas to build wealth
Top 7 CNC project ideas to build wealth

CNC project refers to custom shaped engineered products from a workpiece through computer controls. CNC machining can be described as a manufacturing process performed by robots. This process has helped increase productivity as the machine can run automatically without the constant presence of the operator. In this article, we would like to introduce the top 7 CNC project ideas to build wealth. 

Top 7 CNC project ideas to build wealth

CNC Signs

Wedding signs are a unique idea for CNC project. Couples always want to have their own mark at their wedding ceremony and this project will help make the wedding ceremony an unforgettable impression for guests.

Name signs are a popular project for CNC machining. These products are often sold at souvenir shops and made at the request of customers, be it individuals or businesses.

Other ideas like wood signs for outdoor decoration like garden, cottage, barn or sign that can replace letters are also great CNC project ideas.

CNC Home furniture

Tables and chairs are often the first thing people think of when it comes to furniture. Tables and chairs come in many forms, so there are plenty of CNC design ideas for different types. 

As for the chair, you can completely implement the idea of ​​a one-day chair; layer chair; rocking chair or sofa armrests, etc. These chairs are made according to CNC machining, which will have a high aesthetic value and will certainly attract buyers. For the table types, you can do the CNC project for the dinner table; coffee table; and a table next to the sofa.

CNC Maps

CNC Map is a unique and impressive CNC project that you can make and sell. People often love maps as they remember a place called home. So when you decide to design a map with a CNC machine, you’ll have plenty of room to grow. You can create more outstanding maps with more diverse designs, forms and uses for sale as it is a best selling concept project in CNC ideas.

CNC Toy and Game

Toys and games are great ideas that you can build and sell with a CNC machine. You can sell educational toys to promote intellectual development such as children’s alphabet blocks; shape blocks or animals. Besides, board games like chess, checkers, cribbage and backgammon are all games that can be made by CNC design with special and interesting shapes. What’s more, you can completely create a new exclusive game that, although it takes time and effort, will bring you a lot of profit.

CNC Office supplies

The demand for office furniture is increasing especially as more people work from home. So, with the idea of ​​​​designing and trading office furniture made by CNC, it will help you earn a lot of profit. Office products you might consider such as pencil holders; charging base; craft supply boxes or desk organizers…

CNC Kitchenware

The kitchenware market is competitive because of the growing demand for its products. So if you create unique products you will gain a larger market share and the idea of ​​CNC products is the idea that will help you achieve your goal. Not only for use, kitchen products can also be used for decoration. You can proceed to sell kitchen items such as cutting boards, spoons, chopsticks, bowls, serving trays; bottle openers and more. As long as you make beautiful and unique products, you will surely attract customers.

Other CNC project ideas

Other CNC projects you might consider are jewelry and DIY project kits. Unique jewelry design thanks to CNC machines to start a business will earn extremely high profits because this is a popular product. You can sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pendants. DIY project kits will also be attractive products for consumers.


Business ideas from CNC design will definitely bring your business many benefits. If you need assistance in integrating management with production in your business, feel free to contact us.

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