Top 6 Magento Wholesale Extensions ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

Top 6 Magento Wholesale Extensions

Magento Wholesale Extensions

Magento is among the world’s leading eCommerce platforms today which has empowered more than 250,000 businesses worldwide. The platform offers around 5000 Magento wholesale extensions with great features that wholesalers can utilize to support their online stores better since the default setup does not provide many of them.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to some must-have extensions that may benefit your wholesale businesses.

POS System

Magento POS system – a combination of both hardware and software – mainly concentrates on making a convenient environment for customers to buy items or services online. Besides, POS systems also support wholesalers to speed up the checkout process, increase sales conversions, manage multi-store and multi-warehouse selling.

ConnectPOS is a leading POS in the market which has empowered more than 1000 businesses worldwide thanks to its wide range of features and advanced technologies. The future technologies ConnectPOS provides can greatly support wholesales to create an seamless customer experience and simplify workload for staff.

Highlight features provided by ConnectPOS are

  • Support retailers to manage multi-stores and multi-warehouse 
  • Support multiple payment methods
  • Enable working in both online and offline mode
  • Apply discount at checkout stage

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension 

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension is one of the most excellent Magento wholesale extensions for simplifying the ordering process. By reducing the amount of time spent on seeking and choosing items, this extension helps wholesalers to retain their customers.

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The module’s main feature is a fast order form developed by admins, which allows buyers to:

  • Looking for expected items by using names or SKUs.
  • Add several items from the search box to the fast order form.
  • Import a CS file to easily scan for several items in various quantities.
  • Add several items to the shopping cart with a single click.

Magento Add Multiple Items To Cart

This is yet another fantastic Magento wholesale extension for making mass orders from product list pages. Furthermore, this Magento extension also includes Ajax. 

Add Several Products to Cart feature list for Magento B2B:

  • Use the checkbox, quantity box, and “Add all to Cart” buttons to expedite bulk orders.
  • Support ajax popups for product selection
  • Showcase a success popup with information about the items added to the list.
  • Be applicable to all forms of products

Price Per Customer Magento Extension

If you’re looking for a simple way to create particular deals for particular wholesalers, this Price per Customer Magento extension is for you. As a result, product rates can now be customized for each wholesale customer, allowing wholesalers to offer exclusive discounts to loyal customers.

The following are some of the highlight features of the Magento Price per Customer extension:

  • Customize product pricing for each group of customers.
  • Create pricing rules in order to easily adjust prices to customer groups.

Magento Store Credit

Store credit is defined as an amount of restoration that is sent to a customer account. Customers put their money on store credit to make purchases. 

Some of the highlight features of the Magento Store Credit are

  • Make purchases with credit cards
  • Cancel credit on the Shopping Cart page and Checkout page.
  • Used for both default and integrated payment methods.
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Magento 2 Shipping And Payment Method Per Customer Group

This Magento wholesale extension helps wholesalers to improve their check-out management and tailor the right shipping or payment method for their customers. Store owners can restrict shipping methods for particular Magento multiple customer groups by installing Magento Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group.

Some highlight features of this extension are:

  • Restrict shipping and payment methods for particular consumer classes.
  • Work well with the default shipping and payment features.

Bottom line, 

Magento is a perfect partner that can support wholesalers quickly in this recent market. And with a suitable combination of great extensions, wholesalers will easily optimize Magento platform as well as gain more conversions and enhance revenue.If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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