5 examples of successful food delivery businesses Lana D February 24, 2022
5 examples of successful food delivery businesses
Food delivery

Food delivery businesses have turned into a super-convenient choice, especially for Gen Z. We mean these allow them to have prepared dishes from their preferable dining business delivered right to their place with only some clicks on devices such as mobile phones. Statistically, the worldwide on-demand food delivery niche has seen a stable growth. And many top food delivery firms will keep growing in the future. This post shows you 5 examples of successful businesses related. Let’s check them out!

5 examples of successful food delivery businesses

Uber Eats

Introduced by the US famous company Uber, Uber Eats has gained lots of love as a trusted online food ordering and shipping service. It enables customers to use its website or application to order from more than 125,000 participating dining businesses in more than 20 countries.

Uber Eats


It is among the biggest takeaway food shipping firms out there. The company enables customers to order dishes from over 80,000 takeout restaurants. It joined hands with Seamless food delivery 9 years ago and over 60% of its orders including online food shipping via mobile devices. The firm provides multiple payment choices for purchase, for example, PayPal and credit cards.

Deliveroo Food delivery

This company is from London and is now running its operation in more than 200 cities, particularly in Asia and Europe. It allows diners to order food from appropriate dining places with no available shipping service and asks both the restaurant and diner to pay for the delivery service

Meituan Waimai

It is China’s biggest food delivery firm and the most popular app in the field. The company runs in the country’s second and first-tier cities, for example, Shanghai. Now, it represents about 40% of China’s entire food shipping sector, with more than 250 active service users monthly. 


This firm has become one of the best takeaway food shipping businesses in America. It focuses on the fast delivery of dishes from customers’ preferred restaurants. Diners can monitor their food order in real-time. The company has joined hands with countless local merchants to ship countless orders across more than 800 cities.

A key to their success: POS system

Nowadays, a lot of the top food delivery firms have trusted and used a reliable POS system, notably from ConnectPOS. For your reference, ConnectPOS helps with customer data management for improved service. Thanks to it, your business can get customer information regarding their living place, food preferences, their peak ordering hours, and so on. Considering this information , they send more shippers in peak hours to meet the needs of more diners, for instance. 

Also, ConnectPOS enables transparent shipping. For example, food delivery companies can easily track drivers in the whole delivery process. This system likewise allows for transparent stock data. Thanks to it, the firm can appoint a proper warehouse for each order, enabling smooth warehouse management. 

Above are 5 examples of successful food delivery businesses. Remember, POS is one of the deciding factors of their success. For further information about this system, call us

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