The benefits of BigCommerce omnichannel features for furniture business Huong Vu October 12, 2023

The benefits of BigCommerce omnichannel features for furniture business

The benefits of BigCommerce omnichannel features for furniture business

Omnichannel is a common term that eCommerce players are extremely concerned with today. This form of sale is suitable for most industries and markets, including the furniture market, thanks to the support from a wide range of well-known platforms. In this article, we would like to introduce the BigCommerce platform and the benefits of BigCommerce omnichannel features for the furniture business.

Overview of BigCommerce omnichannel features

Bigcommerce is a highly appreciated eCommerce website-building support platform. It, at the same time, also provides many different utilities, supporting the fastest, most convenient and professional online store completion. BigCommerce has all the necessary features like product management, order fulfillment, online payments, metrics analytics, SEO tools, and so on.

BigCommerce omnichannel features are solutions that the platform provides to businesses wanting to run a business in-person and online at the same time. Firms with this feature will get unlimited data and transmission bandwidth support. They will easily customize the look and feel of their website, get sales and communication solutions on social networks and Google, and connect with the world’s leading e-payers. Notably, BigCommerce through Feedonomics enables omnichannel commerce with powerful tools designed to reach more people and increase sales. They create a seamless experience that converts across multiple markets. 

The benefits of BigCommerce omnichannel features for furniture businesses

To sell omnichannel furniture, companies must first find a powerful management support tool. BigCommerce can help them with this as furniture brands build websites and use its associated tools. First of all, the management and control features of categories, product functions as well as prices and images for each product are basic requirements of the store to optimize operations and achieve high efficiency when doing eCommerce furniture business. In addition, there’re requirements for sales management with order information, marketing management with integrations for effective marketing campaigns and content management to optimize CMS pages (CMS stands for Content Management System). At the same time, BigCommerce omnichannel features include customer management, system management and store management, especially inventory management, to ensure continuous supply according to customer demand and purchase seamlessly. Moreover, the support for analysis and reporting is also one of the BigCommerce omnichannel features that helps to analyze and measure the performance of the eCommerce website system, thereby offering effective strategies for furniture firms.

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BigCommerce fits the omnichannel needs of furniture e-retailers because it increases discoverability with feed and distribution optimization tailored to each channel. Users will save time and reduce listing errors with data governance. From there, they can increase revenue and grow their global footprint.

ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale system that seamlessly connects to the BigCommerce platform. This is a leading solution for furniture businesses that want to go omnichannel. It offers a full range of power management features, especially ensuring that the brand’s stores are seamlessly connected and the data is unified to provide the best customer service.


Building an omnichannel furniture retail strategy is a way for businesses to reach more customers. That’s the way to provide an exceptional customer experience and earn more loyalty and referrals. To be able to take advantage of BigCommerce omnichannel features for your furniture store, feel free to contact us.

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