How ConnectPOS support your inventory management

Transfer stock

ConnectPOS enables merchants to transfer stock in/out and among warehouses. With these features, you can avoid out of stock in certain warehouses while some others are reported with excess stock.

To transfer stock please follow these steps:

  1. First, you go to Transfer Stock
  2. Select NEW to Add a new transfer

3. In the General section, fill in the necessary information and choose department and destination warehouses.

4. In the Product section, search products by SKU, ID, or barcodes. Click on the products and adjust the quantity.

5. Select Submit to finish creating a new transfer

Adjust inventory

Merchants can adjust the number of products in warehouses easily by going to Adjust Inventory Section, adjust the quantity number and then Save.

You can also import and export inventory reports in the Adjust Inventory section as well.

Timely update inventory status is essential for modern retailers since detailed inventory reports will be constantly updated with changes in warehouses. Retailers can base on these reports to come up with better decisions for the business in the future.

Allow placing order with out-of-stock products

This feature is developed with the aim of supporting retailers to enhance their customer’s satisfaction and shopping experience. To enable creating orders with out-of-stock products, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the POS Setting and then choose the Module section.

2. At the module “Allow placing an order with out-of-stock products”, click Install.

Print labels

  1. Go to Print Labels
  2. Choose labels you want to print, adjust label information (if necessary)
  3. Click Print.


Our new feature Stocktake supports merchants to accurately count and save the exact stock levels after each counting. Stocktake can discard all manual problems that may arise in the traditional counting process. Also, by automating many inventory tasks, Stocktake also makes great contributions to the overall inventory management performance.

You can find the detailed instructions for creating a stocktake process and further information in this article.

If you encounter any issues during the process, please contact us and we are always happy to assist!