Top 5 Gun Store POS System 2021

Given the fact that gun stores provide a variety of services in addition to selling firearms, the POS system must also serve as management software. Check out the finest gun store POS systems listed below if you want to enhance sales while being compliant.

What is Gun Store POS?

Selling weapons, ammo, and related equipment is the only focus of gun shops. The leading gun store POS systems keep close track of inventory, handle weapon sales, and record and retain client identities for use in FFL (Federal Firearms License) and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) compliance software.

Top 5 Outstanding Gun Store POS

ConnectPOS: Omnichannel Support

ConnectPOS provides a smooth sales service for any gun shop. It is compatible with diverse POS hardware providers and can be used on both PCs and mobile devices. Staying online or offline is no longer a problem for the shopkeepers.

One notable feature is ConnectPOS offers a wireless customer screen, which enables customers to easily interact with a second screen right before finishing payments. Moreover, the self-checkout POS would create a quick checkout process by scanning barcodes with the ConnectPOS PWA app. There are additional options for receiving notifications about new arrivals or promotional activities.

Trident1: A Cloud-Based System for Gun Store

Trident 1 FFL is a gun store POS managing the whole client experience. Its marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) functions to attract new clients.

Everything from gunsmithing and shooting range administration to training sessions and firearm sales is automated. This software may be taken to gun exhibitions thanks to cloud-based mobility. This allows you to build and update your A&D book at any time and from any location.

With a customer-facing app for booking training sessions, referencing appointment dates, and collecting payments, it’s simple to keep consumers engaged.

Rapid Gun system: Specifically Built for Gun Stores POS

Rapid Gun Systems is more than just a point-of-sale system. With a few exceptions, the system delivers near end-to-end gun shop administration features, which we’ll discuss below.

Many parts of shooting range administration are automated. Automated tracking of rental guns, multiple range management, and waitlist administration when all shooting lanes are full are just a few of the features available.

Membership administration is available, but not as a built-in function. Instead, it works with EZFacility to let clients book, pay, and reschedule lane hours and training sessions online.

Stratus Retail: Best for ATF Compliance

The Stratus Retail gun store POS can be customized to fit the shop owner’s specific demands. 

Stratus offers fully integrated A&D books that track and record every gun transaction automatically. It also generates ATF compliance reports with backups and allows customers to see the history of each gun sold. In addition, the system is updated whenever the ATF adds or changes its consistent rules.

Lightspeed: Best Gun Store POS for Small business

LightSpeed‘s retail POS comes with a variety of tools and features to help you get your firearms business off to a good start. This POS system will make managing and overseeing the shop easier, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Shop staff will have an easier time ringing up sales thanks to the software. The fact that the system is extremely scalable is also a big plus for current users.


Gun store POS can support retailers with day-to-day management and operations since POS inherently plays a big role in eCommerce for every merchant. So if you want to make your business easier and more efficient, call us immediately to receive the best advice and solutions.

Ariel Dg

A Content Contributor at ConnectPOS - the POS system that interfaces directly with leading eCommerce platforms!

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