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Top 5 Gun Store POS Systems 2024 To Help You Hit The Sales Target

Gun Store POS System

If you operate a gun store, providing a top-notch shopping experience is crucial to retaining your customer base and ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. Finding a gun store POS system that can elevate your store while adhering to strict legal requirements can be challenging. Fortunately, we have compiled an up-to-date list of the Top 5 Gun Store POS Systems for 2024, each designed to meet the specific needs of gun merchants and ensure seamless, regulation-compliant operations.

What is Gun Store POS?

In 2024, gun sales in the United States surged, doubling from 1 million to 2 million guns sold monthly. For nearly 40% of American households, visiting a gun store has become a routine activity, where enthusiasts explore new models, stock up on ammunition, and access various gun-related accessories. Despite the rising interest, the shopping experience at many gun stores falls short, primarily due to outdated and cumbersome checkout processes.

A Gun store POS system is specialized software engineered to streamline the transaction processes involved in the sale of firearms and related accessories. This type of POS system is distinct from conventional retail systems due to the need to comply meticulously with local and federal firearm regulations.

An effective gun store POS system not only manages inventory with precision but also meticulously handles the specifics of firearm sales. It is crucial for recording and retaining customer identities, facilitating background checks, and integrating seamlessly with the Federal Firearms License (FFL) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) compliance systems. This ensures that every transaction adheres to the stringent legal standards governing the sale of firearms, providing both security and accountability.

What are the differences between traditional POS and Gun Store POS systems?

Traditional POSGun Store POS
RegulationsNo required regulationsFederal Firearms LicenseATF 4473 – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
FeaturesCard CheckoutNFC ReaderPrint BillsAll Traditional POS features Inventory SynchronizationCustomer IdentificationOffline-Online Syncing
CostsThe average normal POS system with hardware included ranges from $1,000-$6,000 yearly, not including additional maintenance costs.The average Gun Store POS costs range from $500-$2,000 yearly. Developing a dedicated gun store POS from scratch costs $30,000-$45,000

Top 5 Outstanding Gun Store POS Systems

ConnectPOS: Omnichannel Support

ConnectPOS is a powerful standalone gun store POS system designed to enhance both the efficiency and compliance of firearm retail operations. It offers a seamless integration with a variety of POS hardware, making it an ideal upgrade for gun shops using older systems. Additionally, its compatibility extends across multiple electronic devices, including phones, tablets, monitors, and computers, allowing gun stores to utilize existing devices and avoid additional hardware costs.

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Key features

  • Omnichannel capabilities: ConnectPOS excels in creating a cohesive retail environment by connecting seamlessly with third-party software. This ensures that every gun sale is automatically synced with inventory and order management systems, maintaining accurate records and compliance with regulations.
  • Operational flexibility: Whether you’re selling at your store or attending an off-site gun show, ConnectPOS provides reliable offline and online functionality. This flexibility ensures that you can manage sales anywhere and sync your data later, enhancing your operational agility.
  • Customer-friendly transactions: The system includes a self-checkout feature through the ConnectPOS Progressive Web App (PWA), facilitating a swift and user-friendly checkout process. This not only improves the customer experience but also streamlines the sales process.
  • Regulation compliance and security: Configured to comply with local gun regulations, ConnectPOS supports advanced customer identification techniques and integrates smoothly with third-party systems necessary for regulatory compliance. The use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology aids in accurate client verification and record-keeping, reducing manual input and enhancing security.


  • Seamless integration: ConnectPOS integrates effortlessly with various third-party applications, ensuring consistent and accurate data across all platforms.
  • Advanced consumer management: The system’s use of the latest facial recognition technology allows gun vendors to manage client information efficiently and securely.
  • Hardware flexibility: An ideal solution for gun stores looking to modernize their existing setups without the need for proprietary hardware.


  • Hardware limitations: While ConnectPOS does not offer proprietary hardware, it is important to note that it is designed to work with a wide range of existing hardware solutions. Gun stores seeking a traditional, all-in-one POS system might need to consider this aspect.
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Trident1: A Cloud-Based System for Gun Store

Trident1 FFL is a cloud-based POS system designed to enhance the customer experience in gun stores. This system is particularly adept at integrating various aspects of gun store management, including gunsmithing, shooting range operations, and training session organization, alongside traditional firearm sales. Its cloud-based nature allows for easy access and management capabilities at gun shows, enabling users to update their Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) books in real time, from any location.

Key features

  • Comprehensive management solutions: Trident1 automates a wide range of tasks from shooting range administration to gunsmithing and firearm sales, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  • Cloud-based mobility: The flexibility of a cloud-based system means that Trident1 can be operated from anywhere, facilitating easy updates and management of sales records and inventory at gun exhibitions or remotely.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: With a customer-facing app, Trident1 makes booking training sessions, checking appointment dates, and processing payments straightforward, keeping customers engaged and informed.


  • Specialized management features: For gun stores that operate shooting ranges, Trident1 offers tailored management tools that enhance the overall operation and customer experience.
  • Robust customer relationships: The system includes advanced CRM functionalities, such as membership tracking and rewards programs, designed to build and maintain a loyal, gun-enthusiast customer base.


  • Limited compatibility: Trident1 may present challenges in terms of integration with existing POS hardware and third-party software, which could be a consideration for stores looking for a highly compatible system.
Free Trail

Rapid Gun System: Built for Gun Stores

Rapid Gun Systems offers more than just basic POS functionalities; it provides an extensive suite of management features specifically tailored for gun stores, with a strong focus on shooting range operations.

Key features

  • Advanced range management: The system excels in automating various aspects of shooting range administration. Features include automated tracking of rental guns, managing multiple shooting ranges, and efficiently handling waitlists when lanes are fully occupied.
  • Integrated membership management: While not a built-in feature, Rapid Gun Systems integrates seamlessly with EZFacility, allowing customers to book, pay for, and reschedule lane hours and training sessions online. This partnership enhances user experience and streamlines operations.


  • Robust gun range management: Rapid Gun Systems combines equipment and customer management into a cohesive platform, making it ideal for gun stores with active shooting ranges.
  • Enhanced customer relationships: The system supports tools for building strong customer relations, including memberships and rewards programs, which are particularly beneficial for stores aiming to foster a community of enthusiasts.
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  • Not offline capable: The system’s lack of offline capabilities can be a significant limitation, especially for gun merchants who attend trade shows or sell in remote areas without reliable internet access.

Stratus Retail: Best for ATF Compliance

Stratus Retail gun store POS system offers an adaptable solution tailored to meet the specific needs of gun shop owners, with a strong emphasis on ATF compliance.

Key features

  • ATF compliance mastery: Stratus Retail excels in ATF compliance, with fully integrated A&D books that automatically record every firearm transaction and generate necessary reports. The system updates continuously to reflect any changes in ATF regulations, ensuring that gun store owners are always compliant.
  • Customization and integration: The system’s high configurability allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing inventory and order management systems, making it a versatile choice for various retail settings.


  • High customizability: Stratus Retail’s system is designed to be highly adaptable, fitting into the specific operational needs of each gun store.
  • Automated data management: It features robust automation for syncing customer data to cloud-based or physical storage solutions, enhancing data security and accessibility.


  • Higher initial costs: While Stratus Retail is customizable, it may require additional development to include more specialized, gun-centric features, potentially increasing the initial investment for retailers.


ORCHID stands out as one of the most comprehensive POS systems for gun stores, designed to support a wide range of services and compliance needs related to firearm sales.

Key features

  • Extensive service support: ORCHID supports a variety of gun-related services, including gunsmithing, safety compliance checks, and gun rentals, offering a holistic management solution.
  • Enhanced purchasing experience: The system includes a user-friendly interface that allows customers to conduct compliance searches and complete purchases online, facilitating a quick and informed buying process.


  • Diverse user-facing features: Customers benefit from in-depth queries during the checkout process, enabling informed decisions and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Support for gunsmithing: If your store offers gunsmithing services, ORCHID’s work order management system will be particularly valuable.


  • Separated Hardware Cost: While ORCHID offers a variety of POS hardware options, these come at an additional cost, which could be a drawback for stores already equipped with POS hardware.


In conclusion, the top 5 gun store POS systems for 2024 cater to a diverse range of needs within the firearm retail industry, from enhancing ATF compliance and automating management tasks to improving customer engagement and operational efficiency. Each system offers unique functionalities, including cloud-based mobility, robust customer relationship tools, and advanced range management features. Selecting the right gun store POS system will depend on specific store requirements such as compliance priorities, integration capabilities, and the scope of services offered.

ConnectPOS stands out as a powerful gun store POS system, designed to streamline operations and enhance customer service with its robust features and intuitive interface. To see how ConnectPOS can transform your firearm business, book a demo today and experience its capabilities firsthand.

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