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What makes our Shopify Point of sale different?

No additional fee

Unlike other POS systems for Shopify, you don't need to pay transaction fees for ConnectPOS, only pay directly to third-party providers.

A scalable solution

Working seamlessly with both Shopify and Shopify Plus, ConnectPOS can be customized based on your needs. We're ready for all the elaborated requirements!

Award-winning POS

Winning the 2021 Stevie Awards, ConnectPOS is trusted by 1000+ retailers around the world thanks to innovative features and one-of-a-kind 24/7 support.

Shopify Pos Features you cannot find any elsewhere!

Product and Order Management

  • Order list

  • Order fulfillment

  • Custom sales

  • Quote management

  • Backorder and Pre-order

  • Multi-location management

  • Multi-fulfillment

  • Tax management

  • Group pricing

  • Multi-Currency

  • Customer-facing display

Standard Transaction

  • Update data instantly

  • Work without Internet

  • Simple checkout process

  • Various payment methods

  • Barcode scanning

  • Discount

  • Store credit

  • Receipt

  • Refund and Exchange

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse control

  • Real-time stock update

  • Stocktake and stock adjustment

Omnichannel Support

  • Device compatibility

  • Self-checkout POS

  • Click and collect

Staff Management

  • Staff training

  • Report system

  • Users and permissions

Customer Management

  • Loyalty program

  • Gift card

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Feature of the month: Report Dashboards

It’s important to keep up with every change at your retail stores. That’s why reports and analytics are must-have features in every POS system.

ConnectPOS supports 20+ report dashboards so you can have a multi-perspective view of your omnichannel operation, covering sales, inventory, orders, staff and shifts, etc. You can also customize the reports to fit your needs. Moreover, we’re more than happy to integrate other systems into the reports for more in-depth analysis.

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