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About Cultivation Emporium

Cultivation Emporium, located in Quebec, Canada, is at the forefront of bringing hydroponic technology closer to consumers. With more than 20 years of experience, Cultivation Emporium provides customers with a wide range of products to support hydroponic systems such as nutrients, grow light and kit, as well as climate control tools.
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Project Challenge

Outdated POS System
Cultivation Emporium initially chose a POS system that turned out to be outdated and inadequate for maintaining seamless operations between their online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Need for Real-Time Data Integration
The business required a POS system capable of connecting and synchronizing data in real-time between their Shopify online store and the physical store to ensure an efficient omnichannel experience.

Our Solutions

ConnectPOS enables seamless real-time synchronization between Shopify and the POS system, ensuring efficient management of products, orders, inventory, and customer information across channels.

The intuitive interface of ConnectPOS enhances the purchasing process, provides role-specific access for transparent management, and is easier for staff to use compared to the previous system.

ConnectPOS offers responsive and professional customer support, praised for its reliability despite occasional time zone differences, ensuring continuous and effective assistance for Cultivation Emporium.

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"ConnectPOS stands out from the competition by offering personalized solutions for businesses of all sizes, from local brands to multinational corporations. Their exceptional features and responsive customer support make them an invaluable partner.”

Tyler Stanley
Co-founder of Cultivation Emporium

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