NetSuite ERP vs Odoo: Which is the best for your omnichannel business? Huong Vu October 13, 2023

NetSuite ERP vs Odoo: Which is the best for your omnichannel business?

NetSuite ERP vs Odoo: Which is the best for your omnichannel business?

One of the most important aspects of a company’s success when it comes to managing the intricate operations of a modern organization is the software platform (Netsuite ERP vs Odoo) it chooses to employ. This decision is especially important for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) because of budget constraints and larger competitors, which result in pressing demand for effectiveness and cost-effective design.

How can SMEs benefit from an ERP solution?

Today’s market offers a variety of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solutions, so selecting the best one necessitates taking several things into account. The decision between local and cloud hosting is a crucial one for SMEs. A cloud-hosted ERP has a number of benefits over a conventional ERP on a local server for SMEs.

In comparison to Netsuite ERP vs Odoo, a cloud-based ERP is frequently more adaptable and able to accommodate a growing and dynamic business model, like that of a small or medium-sized corporation. A cloud-hosted solution also has substantially reduced startup and ongoing costs because these expenses are typically covered by the license price.

What is Odoo?

An open-source business suite of software called Odoo ERP, commonly referred to as Open ERP, can help you manage your firm. It is used to oversee a company’s operations and offers Odoo apps, which are fully integrated, functional business programs that, when used together, create an ERP solution. Odoo is a sizable collection of enterprise software applications and modules, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales Management, commerce, Logistics Planning, Purchase Management, Accounting Software, Manufacturing Management, and others.

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What is NetSuite?

In order to help firms function more effectively, NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud company management system that automates routine tasks and offers real-time visibility into financial and operational data. Through the integration of accounting, order fulfillment,inventory control, production, supply chain, and warehousing activities into a single, integrated suite of apps, NetSuite ERP gives businesses improved visibility into their data and greater control over their businesses.

NetSuite ERP vs Odoo


Odoo is simple to adapt to the procedures used by your business. This liberates businesses from the constraints imposed by traditional ERP, enabling them to adopt software that is suited to their unique requirements. Due to its limited customization, NetSuite is more of a standard ERP solution. It is therefore better suited to businesses that are willing to modify current procedures in order to take advantage of the software’s capabilities.


In terms of available implementation options between Netsuite ERP vs Odoo, NetSuite is currently lagging behind. Although software engineers are striving to fix it, NetSuite’s flaws now leave much to be desired. The product has limitations when it comes to effectively managing more complex production, distribution, EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion), HR (Human Resources), and retail needs. On the other hand, Odoo delivers the adaptability required for businesses to develop with the changes in their industry, giving Odoo the advantage thanks to its simple setup and deployment.


Odoo’s cost is straightforward and affordable. Odoo’s starting price per user is $25.00 per month, which is a huge discount when compared to NetSuite’s monthly price point of $125.00. When the number of users is taken into account, NetSuite license charges are around five times as expensive as Odoo licensing rates. Odoo is an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and Python application. 

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Compared to NetSuite, which has its own programming language called Suite Script, it is significantly simpler to locate and afford an Odoo developer. While NetSuite does not have a free version and only allows annual paying, Odoo provides a free edition for its users and also gives a monthly billing option.

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