Dampfi: Seamless Transition from Online to Offline Stores

Dampfi: Seamless Transition from Online to Offline Stores

About Dampfi

Robin founded Dampfi when he struggled himself to find the quality e-cigarettes in Switzerland. With the hope of helping more smokers to quit smoking, Robin and his team at Dampfi select the products with high quality very carefully. All the products have been tested by Dampfi team to make sure that the customers will have good experiences.

Now, Dampfi sells both online and offline with an e-commerce website on Magento 2 and 2 brick-and-mortar stores in Zurich and Horgen.

Challenges In Delivering The Best Omnichannel Experience

Many customers of Dampfi are omnichannel ones: they shop online as well as in the stores. They want to use their existing online accounts right away when shopping at the stores because it eliminates the need to keep receipts, and they can use their loyalty points to pay for the orders.

In addition, with orders coming from both online and offline, Dampfi needs to leverage its ability to manage multi-warehouse inventory.

However, the previous system Dampfi used was unable to meet such requirements. The Point of Sale (POS) systems they tried at the retail stores neither synchronized the customer database nor updated stock level in real-time among sales channels when an order is made. Shop operators couldn’t look up inventory directly from POS to assist customers in need, either.

It is very important to the team at Dampfi to create a seamless transition between online and retail stores to win customers. What Dampfi needs is a POS system for Magento 2 that runs reliably and synchronizes fully with the online store. Trusted by hundreds of Magento brands, ConnectPOS is the perfect choice for Dampfi to kickstart their vision.

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Robin, Managing Director of Dampfi, sent us a list of questions to make sure that ConnectPOS meets his needs. Testing many POS systems before, he knew the costly effects that a bad POS system could cause to a business,

“If you have a lot of customers in the store, then it can not happen that a product in the register is not found for some inexplicable reasons. If then the entire POS system crashes while the customers wait to pay, the situation looks even grimmer.”

Dampfi ConnectPOS

Our Solution

After installation, Magento POS by ConnectPOS starts synchronizing products from Magento 2 to the POS system. It enables the retailer to sell the same online products at the retail stores and find any product quickly. Whether in the demo, during the free trial or in practice by Dampfi now, ConnectPOS proves to be stable and reliable, “which is ultimately the most important factor.” 

When it can’t connect to Magento due to Internet problems, ConnectPOS switches to Offline Mode and work with cached data, and Dampfi can continue selling without any interruption. The data collected during offline time are automatically synchronized to Magento when the Internet is back.

With every order made either online or in-store, the inventory is updated immediately on all sales channels. Dampfi uses Embedded ERP by BoostMyShop to manage multi-warehouse inventory from Magento 2 backend for both online and retail stores. This extension is integrated into ConnectPOS, which enables the store operators to view stock of each warehouse and transfer stock directly in POS.

Products and inventory are not the only things that ConnectPOS synchronizes fully with Magento 2. Online customers visit the retail stores can use their online accounts to place orders, and redeem their points or gift cards. New customers can register for a customer account directly at the store and start earning points for their orders thanks to the integration of reward points into both online and offline systems.

A Seamless Experience

With the new system in place, Dampfi hopes to drive sales by 10% in the next quarter. Dampfi will continue working with ConnectPOS to complete the transition from online to retail stores to bring a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

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The next things in Dampfi and ConnectPOS plan are elevating loyalty points experience even more for customers and improving the display of sales reports.

ConnectPOS is the retail pos system in the ecosystem. ConnectPOS gladly presents a comprehensive training guide ebook tailor-made for cashiers in the retail business.
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