7 Magento CRM solutions for online retail – 2023 new updates Quinn T. October 31, 2020
7 Magento CRM solutions for online retail – 2023 new updates
7 Magento CRM solutions for online retail - 2021 new updates

Magento CRM systems help merchants to enhance customer engagement.    

In the age of E-Commerce and Omnichannel retail, merchants always focus on improving customer experience in both brick-and-mortar stores and Magento stores, which is considered a competitive advantage. The mission requires coherence of store designs, advertising assets, websites, social networks with friendly interactions such as product showcase, checkout process, payments, order fulfillment, etc. However, the contribution from all these front-end features is accounted for only 50% of customer engagement. In order to provide an excellent customer experience, merchants need to find the remaining 50% from smooth back-end operation, which requires a powerful Magento CRM system to manage a detailed database and execute the right activities for the right customers. In the following sections, we’ll present you with the 7 Magento CRM solutions for online retail – 2023 updates.

Significant features for a Magento CRM solution

Nowadays, customer behaviors are changing from searching for a wide range of retailers to engaging with the brands that give them a good shopping experience. Therefore, customer lifetime value and customer retentions are crucial measurements for merchants. These factors can be improved by learning from insights such as the average number of orders, average order value, most recent order, etc. or some numbers about cart abandonment, order cancelation, etc. A strong Magento CRM should tell merchants all this information that can be filtered by date, time period, store locations, products, customer IDs, or other segments. In addition, there are many other important features, which are related to sales and marketing management, for example:

  • Contacts management
  • Sales cycle management
  • Marketing automation configuration
  • Stores and websites reports/ analytics
  • Social media channels management
  • Email marketing integration

And of course, one of the most important features of a CRM system is to be integrated perfectly with Magento, as well as other sales and marketing systems.

According to the standards for a strong Magento CRM mentioned above, we would like to highlight some CRM solutions that would work perfectly for Magento Omnichannel retail.         

Hubspot – Full-stack Magento CRM


Hubspot is a popular CRM system that is designed for digital marketing and cross-border sales, it means Hubspot is optimized for the management and execution of online campaigns with smart data organization and real-time synchronization among channels.

Merchants on Magento who acquire customers via inbound strategies for sales and marketing would find Hubspot is the best CRM for content marketing management, email marketing, social media performance, website and search marketing optimization, and many other activities to create a full digital experience. With Hubspot, Magento merchants can set up full online sales and marketing funnels, manage customer data in detail and make the right decisions for both long-term and short-term campaigns, as well as for any industry and business size.

Hubspot CRM contains 3 core functional packages, that would fit many kinds of selling processes:

  • Marketing Hub support leads generation, marketing automation, Analytics
  • Sales Hub supports email tracking, meeting scheduling, email automation
  • Service Hub support processing tickets, customer feedback, building the knowledge base    

Metrilo – Powerful Magento CRM

Metrilo – Powerful Magento CRM

Metrilo provides detailed data for personalization such as customer journeys, order history, or many customized action trackings on websites. This Magento CRM is designed to collect customer insights, that help to define the next steps in sales cycles or make the decision for the next campaigns.

Customers would be selected by segments and filters according to their actions, and automation email can be configured to ensure the custom messages would match with the appropriate customer groups. Metrilo also provides many other cutting-edge features such as:

  • Event-based tracking: track customer actions based on web sessions
  • Multi-Channels data: evaluate each traction channels
  • Live data: know about visitors in real-time
  • Customer profiles management: collect data from all channels in one place
  • Instant synchronization: automatic update and calculation of numbers
  • Email marketing support: send emails individually based on profiles
  • Add tags and notes: help to search and records information easily

SugarCRM – Full integration with Magento

SugarCRM – Full integration with Magento

For merchants who only focus on some proven sales and marketing channels, SugarCRM would be an optimal choice because of its simple but reliable feature package. The system provides functional options for data management and informative visualized reports, allowing the sales and marketing team to save a lot of time in collecting insights and managing customers and revenue.

SugarCRM may not have good support for multi-channel activities of inbound marketing and automation campaigns like other Magento CRM, but they are the best in analytics and future forecasts. The price for an enterprise suite is $85 per month.       

Agile – All-in-one Magento CRM

Agile - All-in-one Magento CRM

Agile, the word means to be able to move and change quickly and easily, is a cool Magento CRM for small but proactive teams, who are looking for all-in-one CRM solutions to conduct any kind of sales and marketing campaign at a reasonable price. As a SaaS solution, Agile CRM enhances collaboration with an easy-to-use and mobile-ready panel interface with fast operation. The CRM also integrates perfectly with social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, apps and platforms such as Zendesk, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, etc., and many other systems for SMS, telephone, billing, as well as other CMS.

Agile CRM includes amazing features that support sales, marketing, and customer services.

  • For sales team: contacts and deals management, meeting management, and project management.
  • For marketing team: landing page builder, social suite, marketing automation and tracking.
  • For customer services: helpdesk, tickets and feedback processing, auto-responses.   

SalesForce – Flexible CRM systems


SalesForce is another famous brand in this list with unique functions that allow users to customize CRM interfaces by drag-and-drop elements. The CRM has powerful AI capabilities to create personalized journeys for customers through product recommendations and smart search results, and also gives in-house team data-driven insights across channels.

Another powerful feature for eCommerce is multi-site management on Magento and localization support. The feature helps users to manage all Magento stores and local stores in a single place. SalesForce CRM also ensures the brand experience across channels and platforms and evaluates the performance of campaigns.  

Vtiger – Feature-rich and affordable Magento CRM

Vtiger - Feature-rich and affordable Magento CRM

Vtiger is suitable for SMBs by providing a functional solution package at a reasonable price. What merchants can get from Vtiger is strong sales support features such as: visualized sales pipeline, deal nurturing actions, auto remind and update email, etc.

The CRM system supports sales managers effectively by presenting informative reports about sales staff performance on a user-friendly panel. Features for collecting insights and next-step configurations also help to save a lot of time in lead generation and nurturing.    

Zoho CRM – Dedicated tools with tons of features

zoho CRM

In the section of Magento CRM, merchants would not find any CRM system that has more features and integrations than Zoho. The solution provides all abilities from contact and deal management, marketing automation, data analytics, order history, meeting scheduling, or even inventory for multi-website and multi-warehouse. Zoho fits with any business size and industry, and it is considered as the biggest and the most powerful CRM for Magento.

However, there is one significant downside of Zoho, which is the complicated user interface and pretty poor user flow in account setting and management.

All these 7 Magento CRM systems can be integrated perfectly with ConnectPOS

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