It’s great you make product manufacture – Now how to keep track of the whole process? ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

It’s great you make product manufacture – Now how to keep track of the whole process?

product manufacture

It is great you make your product in-house, now, how to keep track of the whole process? Importantly, you monitor that process for perks it gives. For instance, when you have productive tracking, you can forecast more accurately producing and shipping times. Thus, you will smoothly give shoppers more precise timeline predictions. For more information about product manufacture, check out this post.

What is product manufacture?

Product manufacture refers to the making of products by machine or manually that, upon wrap-up, the company sells to consumers. Things utilized in manufacturing tend to be raw materials or bigger products’ parts. The manufacturing process often occurs on a sizable production line of machines as well as competent employees.

It is great you make your product in-house, now how to keep track of the whole process?

Storing information about product manufacture in MSI

It would be advantageous to leverage a unified database for your inventory. Your business can save time by using the MSI (aka Multi-Source Inventory) app from leading providers like ConnectPOS. This system is powerful because it enables users to store information about product manufacture right within the app. Also, it creates purchase orders automatically if a specific threshold gets attained. The system likewise helps arrange cross-warehouse internal shipments. Moreover, thanks to it, making a recurring order becomes easier. 

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Stock and resource control

Stock and resource control, for instance, scanning as well as numbering products inwards to outwards, may make certain that any goods you produce are completely traceable. Every allocated serial number and barcode will stay safe on ERP (aka Enterprise resource planning) software. This way gives quick updates on stock info. 

Serial tracking for smooth product manufacture

Thanks to the ERP system, you can monitor an order’s status smoothly. By keeping track of store productivity as well as how goods’ serial number moves, your management department can make the production line optimal according to shoppers’ needs and what resources are now accessible.

System auditing

Ask yourself this: How productive are your existing product manufacture? Should you be not certain, consider a system audit. It should assist in defining any improvement room for your manufacturing procedure. With it, you can monitor and track producing procedures better, because it removes procedures from the supply chain that are not productive or not necessary.

Tracking data

Thanks to manufacturing software, you can track data about HR working hours, resources, and materials. This ensures you can give your shoppers accurate costing and so on. If a human staff finishes that monitoring, it might be a time-consuming job. Meanwhile, with an automated system, you can be sure about the precision of your product pricing.All in all, we do hope that the information mentioned above helps you have a better idea of product manufacture. If you want to discover more about ConnectPOS as well as our MSI system, please feel free to reach out to us for the most satisfactory support. We are always extra happy to help you. 

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