5 Ecommerce Trends 2023 To Grow Your Store ConnectPOS Content Creator October 14, 2023

5 Ecommerce Trends 2023 To Grow Your Store

Ecommerce Trends 2023

The world over the past year has had great changes due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government’s lockdown and social distancing policies have made it difficult for businesses to do business, especially when they have to close physical stores and focus on online businesses to maintain business efficiency in the pandemic. Thanks to these transformations, the eCommerce market has witnessed exponential rapid growth and is estimated to reach $5.4 trillion in revenue in 2023. 

All the numbers and the current situation tells us that eCommerce is no longer an option but a necessity. Whether your business grows or not depends on it and the need for constant updates on new trends in eCommerce is increasing to grasp what can happen and prepare to win in this fierce competition. Hence, we would like to prepare you for 5 eCommerce trends 2023 that we believe will bloom.

Mobile shopping

With today’s fast pace of life, people always love convenience and speed, so eCommerce is not an exception. Mobile phones allow people to carry them anywhere and anytime, so buying goods on eCommerce sites through smartphones will still be among the eCommerce trends 2023. Mobile commerce is expected to grow 68% in 2023, as the evidence accounts for over 67.2% in 2021. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress… are the eCommerce websites most visited by mobile phone users in recent years. It is estimated to explode even more in the coming years, which will be an opportunity for your business. 

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Various payment methods

Another eCommerce trend 2023 that will help your business succeed is allowing various payment methods, especially in today’s context where contactless payment methods are very popular. In recent years, the term e-wallet is no longer a stranger to the eCommerce industry, businesses are widely deploying payments through e-wallets, the most popular are Paypal, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. This variety of payment methods helps buyers have a better buying experience thanks to its convenience and speed. Up to 70% of respondents predict that electronic payments will replace cash in the future. This trend will continue to maintain and explode in 2022.

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These days, social networking sites have become the main tool of eCommerce. The term (Key opinion leader) is a popular term in the TikTok social network in 2021. With the form of affiliate marketing, businesses use KOL to promote their products since then, eCommerce activities of businesses have become more vibrant. This trend is predicted to continue to explode in 2022 and the coming years through many other popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc.

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Use AI technology to personalize eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) can now deliver an automated and personalized shopping experience for each customer. AI will continuously collect data about customers’ shopping behaviors such as: how to buy, when to buy, what product or service the customer is looking for. and more. Thanks to modern technology of AI, businesses will recommend their products to customers, which are personalized products related to the interests and needs of target customers. In recent years, AI technology has been an effective assistant for eCommerce, which shows that this technology will be indispensable in businesses and brands that want to keep up with eCommerce trends in the near future.

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AR (Augmented Reality) technology

In recent years, AR (augmented reality) technology has gradually become a popular sales tool, so in the future, this tool will continue to grow even more and will become one of the outstanding eCommerce trends 2023. It is estimated that by 2022, AR technology will have about 3.5 billion users. AR technology will become an important part of our lives, especially with the help of smartphones and cameras. AR technology helps us perceive the world through devices with a real sense: three-dimensional and intuitive. In 2021, the revenue of AR technology in eCommerce accounts for $120 billion, forecasted in 2023, the trend of AR technology eCommerce will bring a huge number. 


The world today is witnessing the continuous development of eCommerce every second. In today’s competitive landscape, catching and applying eCommerce trends 2023 is paramount and necessary for businesses to gain most of this lucrative pie. We hope this article will provide you with useful information and help your business grow. Contact us for more insightful information!

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