Inside the cutting-edge Samsung experience store Steven P June 6, 2022
Inside the cutting-edge Samsung experience store
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Samsung is increasingly focused on scaling and customer acquisition. So, along with the launch of a large-scale 24/7 customer care center, Samsung also opened their experience store at the same time. In this article, we would like to bring out some interesting information about the Samsung experience store.

Overview of Samsung experience store

Samsung Experience Store (SES) is a place where people come to play, learn, and find solutions. Here, customers can view and experience Samsung’s latest product lines including smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and smart bands to genuine Samsung headphones, and accessories and learn how they can make your everyday life more fun and creative.

This Samsung store is spread all over the world and is designed according to Samsung global standards. This is the place to fully experience the entire Galaxy ecosystem and is also a Samsung international standard warranty center.

The products displayed at these stores are very complete. For example, with a new phone line on display, there will be enough color options and different versions for users to experience and buy.

These experience stores are divided into 4 areas: smart device experience area including smartphones, tablets, and smart wearable devices the audiovisual space displaying QLED TVs, soundbars, and other devices in the Samsung ecosystem; the family corner for customers to experience the smart kitchen space; and the entertainment area where customers can immerse themselves in the vivid game world with the Odyssey curved screen.

Advantages of Samsung experience store

The advantage to the customers

For customers, these Samsung experience stores are places where they can experience and buy the products they love. As Samsung is expanding this chain of stores more and more, consumers’ shopping is becoming faster and easier.

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Besides, SES stores often have promotions that are not available on other retail systems, which helps customers buy products at a cheaper price. Another important thing is that when buying at these experiential stores, customers will be assured of the quality of the products that other outside retailers will not be able to guarantee.

In addition, these Samsung stores also act as customer care centers, providing support for software installation, device repair, and warranty. Therefore, customers will be supported with all related services such as warranty, repair, and installation services free of charge for Samsung phones or products.

Advantage to the Samsung itself

As for the Samsung brand, experience stores are a good support tool in their goal of reaching closer to customers and thriving.

With an increasingly popular presence, these Samsung stores are helping them to expand brand awareness and impress customers more. In addition, these stores also help Samsung sell more products and increase revenue.

After the pandemic, Samsung experience stores have reopened and are offering many preferential programs for customers.


Samsung Experience Store is a reliable address for customers to experience Samsung’s latest products through interesting and useful activities in a luxurious, modern, technology-rich space. If you are looking for assistance in managing your experience store, feel free to contact us.

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