ConnectPOS vs. Vend: Scalability and Expansion Opportunities Explored Huong Vu September 29, 2023

ConnectPOS vs. Vend: Scalability and Expansion Opportunities Explored

ConnectPOS vs. Vend: Scalability and Expansion Opportunities Explored

ConnectPOS and Vend are popular among SMEs who want to go omnichannel. Easy to use with essential functions in a POS system, both ensure a seamless operation for their users. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about these two outstanding POS providers. Remember, finding a POS that fulfills all your wildest dreams is the key to your success.

Introduction of ConnectPOS and Vend

In the 4.0 era, shopping from anywhere is inevitable. That’s why brands optimize their operations to fit consumers’ needs. Omnichannel systems, such as point-of-sale apps, are efficient tools to expand business impacts online and offline.

ConnectPOS is a leading omnichannel solution powered by two main engines: POS software and a built-in inventory management app. With a decade of experience and knowledge, ConnectPOS has satisfied thousands of businesses, including big guns such as ASUS, SCG, Lapaire, and Eyewa.

Vend, now part of Lightspeed, was founded in 2010. The Australian brand has developed a robust POS with a retail management system, serving multinational corporations like Disney and Ecco. 

Vend selling screen

Identical POS features in ConnectPOS and Vend

As top POS options for SMEs, ConnectPOS and Vend have multiple similarities in their operation. 

A cloud-based POS system

Omnichannel businesses are unlikely to rely on an on-premise system that limits their ability to work anywhere, anytime. ConnectPOS and Vend can fulfill this requirement as both are cloud-based software with high-level data security. Business owners can access their stores in the blink of an eye without obstructions. 

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Another benefit of cloud-based solutions is real-time synchronization between platforms. Essential data, such as orders, products, and inventory, is linked seamlessly from POS to sales touchpoints, ensuring no mismatches across channels. 

ConnectPOS and Vend are also compatible with multiple eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Moreover, they can support standalone businesses without web stores. 

Multi-device compatibility

Both apps work flawlessly on any device and hardware. For example, you can download the native ConnectPOS app from the Windows, iOS, and Android stores to use on your preferred gadget.

ConnectPOS and Vend also connect smoothly with popular POS hardware, including barcode scanners, receipt printers, and card readers.

Multiple location management

ConnectPOS and Vend not only can connect online and offline stores but also control multiple stores within one interface. For businesses with more than one brick-and-mortar location, you can create additional outlets and registers right within the apps to monitor their performance. 

Furthermore, intelligent inventory management allows both software to supervise imports/exports and stock statuses in numerous warehouses. ConnectPOS and Vend move further by automating repetitive tasks like creating purchase orders. Thus, retailers can enjoy a simple experience while reducing workload.

ConnectPOS’ stocktake feature

To maintain safety, you can set up different permissions for each staff member using a transparent and easy-to-set-up hierarchy.

Omnichannel selling

To gain the reputation of an excellent POS app, these POS providers have developed fundamental features to support a smooth omnichannel journey, including:

  • Product and customer search
  • Sales notes
  • Offline transactions
  • Custom receipts
  • Refund and return
  • Split payments and layaways
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • Reports on sales performance
  • Cash management
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Consumer-centric features

Processing transactions using gift cards and loyalty programs (reward points, store credit) is possible with both cloud POS solutions. These functions let customers experience a convenient experience when purchasing from your brands. 

ConnectPOS vs. Vend: Who wins your heart?

Although sharing similarities, these two systems have unique charms to win customers’ hearts. If you are considering which to choose between ConnectPOS and Vend for your retail business, let us help you find the answer.

Advanced features

Each software creates its magic by developing specific features only for its app. The chart below shows notable differences between ConnectPOS and Vend’s operations.

Order fulfillmentCentral product catalog 
Backorder and Pre-orderQuick keys for popular product
Customer facing displayRegister closure reports
Self-checkoutSupport ​​opening a new online store
Click and CollectSEO friendly
Group pricing

Supported industries

Both apps focus on the retail sector, covering almost every aspect, such as fashion, furniture, accessories and cosmetics, sports/outdoor equipment, and stationery. However, ConnectPOS can support niche industries such as firearms and CBD businesses.


Whether a startup or a small business, your goal is to grow and increase your profit. A scalable POS can accompany you on this challenging journey. 

ConnectPOS and Vend integrate approximately 50 third-party systems, including CRM, ERP, and accounting software. Yet, ConnectPOS extends its omnichannel power with 20+ payment gateways localized for each region. For instance, using Paystack or Flutterwave for your transactions is effortless if you are an African business.

Furthermore, ConnectPOS can personalize its functions based on its users’ needs. You can contact its support team for more information about customization.

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Customer support

Since we mentioned customer support, this is a decisive factor for retailers to choose the right POS provider. You can scout ConnectPOS and Vend’s pages to find helpful tutorials to run everything smoothly. Nevertheless, you cannot deal with more severe issues alone. That’s when the support team must step in to do their job. 

Support is included in both systems’ pricing plans, but ConnectPOS is known for its enthusiasm and professionalism. Available 24/7, its team is always ready to make your problems disappear.


Vend shares the same pricing plans as part of the Lightspeed ecosystem, starting at $119 per month per register. This triples the monthly price of ConnectPOS’ first package ($39), which is a significant factor for SMEs when investing in a Point of sales app.

Vend pricing

In conclusion,

Whether ConnectPOS or Vend, knowing which system suits your current needs and follows your future development is crucial. Both POS systems are designed to support your omnichannel journey. However, with its immense customization ability, ConnectPOS has an advantage over Vend.

If you want to know how ConnectPOS can personalize its app based on your needs, contact the sales team for more information. We’re ready to support you anywhere, anytime!

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