ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown Steven P November 8, 2022
ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown
ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

Point-of-sale systems are always important for your business whether online, offline or a combination of both. It is an indispensable module for today’s retail business. And there are many POS solutions out there that make the choice of consumers more difficult. In this article, we aim to make a comparison of two famous POS systems – ConnectPOS vs Magestore in the battle for the crown of the best Magento POS.

Overview about ConnectPOS vs Magestore

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

ConnectPOS is a popular point-of-sale system because it provides simple solutions for Magento based online stores. ConnectPOS provides a fast and simple payment with a fast speed and high accuracy in calculation. This is an easy to use and reasonably priced system that is suitable for businesses looking for the easiest and fastest solution. In addition, the ConnectPOS system is also a great choice for enterprises.

Magestore is a Magento POS system that provides fast, powerful and easy-to-use features. This POS system supports the entire payment process accurately and user-friendly with fast, secure and flexible payment processing. Magestore POS is known as a powerful POS solution with key innovations such as inventory management, multiple forms of payment and many more features. This solution will make it easy for businesses to satisfy their customers, no matter how fastidious they are. 

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

The similarities between ConnectPOS vs Magestore

POS Solution

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

The first common feature that ConnectPOS and Magestore share in the POS solution feature is omnichannel retail. These systems help businesses and brands conduct both online and in-person retail. In the past, usually only large-scale retail companies were able to provide customers with a shopping experience on many different channels, but now, technology is developing so that POS systems in general and ConnectPOS vs Magestore, in particular, will support even small businesses to do that.

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Along with omnichannel retail support, both of these POS solutions also support data synchronization in real time. This feature helps businesses and brands easily manage entry and exit metrics across all sales platforms. Accurate data management will help them limit risks, increase sales and ensure efficient business. In addition, the two systems also support creating orders based on the connection of data from online and offline stores to help businesses increase the success rate of orders.

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

Customer Management

As the market becomes increasingly competitive, stores and brands need to retain and attract customers increase. Therefore, both POS systems, ConnectPOS and Magestore, support customer management. This feature helps businesses and stores to effectively approach, communicate and interact with customers, capture buyer information, and have appropriate care and support plans as well as increase business efficiency. This feature includes the creation and management of loyalty programs, gift cards, and information about the buyer’s transaction history to generate appropriate recommendations for future purchases.

Inventory Management

ConnectPOS and Magestore both have inventory management features. This feature allows businesses to update stock in real-time, control warehouses and adjust to business needs. This management will enable businesses to ensure that the quantity of goods is always enough to meet the needs of customers and minimizes inventory risk.

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

The different points between ConnectPOS vs Magestore


The outstanding and powerful feature that cannot be ignored of ConnectPOS is Centralized data and Customization. When it comes to the Centralized data feature, ConnectPOS is capable of syncing data in real-time of any store and updating all information on one platform to optimize management. In addition, to increase the robustness of information management, the ConnectPOS system also provides another software – The Multi Source Inventory (MSI). When businesses combine this Centralized data feature and MSI software, they will easily manage all information from inventory to customers at multiple locations. This helps businesses reduce risks and increase revenue.

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ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

In addition, an outstanding enhancement benefit that ConnectPOS supports for users is Customization. This feature of ConnectPOS can be completely adjusted to fit the existing system of the business or brand. ConnectPOS can also integrate with other third parties such as payment gateways,  accounting software or other programs according to the customer’s requests. This advanced feature of ConnectPOS is appreciated for its powerful integration capabilities required by the business. Therefore, this POS system has the ability to scale more strongly according to the demands and development of the business.


Meanwhile, the standout feature of Magestore is a quick connection to the latest versions of Magento. Magento is an open-source tool for building an online store for businesses that want to develop a professional e-commerce website for the long term. Therefore, this outstanding feature of Magestore is a necessary and extremely important feature for businesses because online business is a new trend that is developing strongly in today’s market. 

With the Magestore system, your business will easily adapt to the latest Magento technology including PWA, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, Magento 2.3, or Magento 2.4 updates and besides, integration with Magento modules will help businesses expand their business.

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

Pricing plan and customer support

Pricing plan

When it comes to pricing, besides the 14-day trial version, ConnectPOS always offers simple and straightforward plans at a reasonable price. You can choose to start with the cheapest plan from $39 a month. Businesses will get more benefits when upgrading plans from Standard to Advanced or Premium.

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Meanwhile, the prices of service packages that Magestore offers are not disclosed on the website. Businesses that want to find out about the price need to visit the website and select ‘Get a Quote to get the price information.

ConnectPOS vs Magestore: The battle for the best Magento POS crown

Customer support

Comparing ConnectPOS vs Magestore customer support, users can rate ConnectPOS higher for its willingness to work with customers and find solutions to existing problems along with supporting any requested repair, providing 24/7 customer service with chat desk and WhatsApp group to help users get instant support. For Magestore, customers will have to choose the problem they want to be solved on the website, so the requests made often take longer to wait.

The battle for the best Magento POS crown: Which is the best Magento POS?

To choose the most suitable POS system between ConnectPOS vs Magestore, retailers should consider based on business goals. If your business goal is towards a perfect and advanced POS system, ConnectPOS will be a suitable choice. Besides, if businesses are looking to build and expand online stores, the Magestore POS system will be more suitable for businesses.


In today’s retail era, Magento eCommerce solutions are developed with the aim to satisfy the needs of an impressive and amazing shopping experience for customers. A suitable point of sale system will help you make an impression in the hearts of customers and retain them longer. The battle between ConnectPOS vs Magestore largely depends on your business end needs. Contact us if you need a simple point of sale solution.

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