Comparing the Best POS systems for managing multiple store locations Huong Vu October 11, 2023

Comparing the Best POS systems for managing multiple store locations

Comparing the Best POS systems for managing multiple store locations

POS (point of sale) systems for omnichannel businesses make it possible for them to be in-store, online and on the go with just one centralized program. To choose the best system, users need to carefully consider their features and needs. In this article, we would like to compare the best POS system for multiple stores to manage all their locations.


ConnectPOS is the best POS system for multiple stores as it combines a powerful online sales platform with an affordable and user-friendly POS system. This software allows you to manage your online and in-store sales, inventory, customer data, employee data, marketing and promotions, and cloud reporting within a central console. Besides, it provides strong support for centralized data that comes with an intelligent warehouse management solution that makes the management of multiple store locations easier and more seamless. The platform offers a 14-day trial version for interested customers. This will be a great opportunity to experience and make a decision to use. In particular, ConnectPOS also offers extensions to help the omnichannel store expand more, along with third-party integrations to help processes be handled seamlessly and quickly. 

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed Retail is the best POS system for multiple stores. It is cloud-based and suitable for multiple retail and online locations. With detailed inventory tracking, growing businesses with large and complex inventories and several traditional locations will become easier. The software also has great eCommerce tools that allow businesses to sell their products on their website and social media. One thing that has not been appreciated about this system is that it lacks a number of integrated sales channels and shipping tools. This powerful centralized management tool offers prices ranging from $69 to $199 for users billed annually or $89 to $269 billed monthly. When it comes to hardware, it asks for a quote and a handling fee of 2.6%. Multi-stores will easily manage products, data, and customers centrally. Besides, customers will be able to make online purchases and pick them up in stores because it features integration and real-time synchronization.

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Square POS

Square POS is the best POS system for multiple stores because it’s free to provide small businesses that go omnichannel with all the key features like inventory syncing, pick-up, delivery and shipping options, and integrations. The solution also allows users to create a free online store to sell items for shipping, pickup, or door-to-door delivery. All data from live and online orders are synchronized in its Dashboard. It is a cost-effective platform, although its inventory management features are limited compared to other vendors. For more advanced services and better management, stores need to sign up for a monthly plan with prices ranging from $0 to $60 for POS plans and $0 to $72 for eCommerce features. When it comes to hardware, businesses can choose to use it because its software is mostly responsive to devices. In addition, it is also a platform that brings maximum efficiency to the payment process by providing flexible payment options to buyers, which enhances their experience.


Finding the best POS system for multiple stores is a difficult task because in today’s market; there are so many vendors to choose from. Businesses need to consider their needs and financial capabilities to find a good solution. Contact us to find a platform that best suits your store.

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