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Best POS Systems Supporting Receipts Customization

A POS (point of sale) system is fundamental for every business, no matter what kind and size of that business. It helps retailers keep bookkeeping and manage cash flow. Moreover, the tool is particularly useful when issuing transactions as it helps speed up the check-out process while minimizing human errors. However, there is a task retailers are likely to forget about, which happens at the very last stage of the check-out process – printing receipts. In today’s article, we’ll unveil the best POS POS receipts customization feature for retailers to seize every marketing opportunity.  

Why need receipts customized?

A receipt is vital to every retail business as it holds important information about transactions and is a great marketing opportunity for sellers to leverage. Thus, POS receipts customization is an outstanding feature to look for in a meaningful POS system.

Outlet’s address, cashier’s name, even customer’s name, etc., everything should be, and can be customized in this POS feature to fit the business needs. Moreover, retailers can also uniquely promote themselves by having the receipt design customized with distinct CIP (Corporation Identify Program) elements. Businesses can also include any current promotion, sales program, etc. on their receipts. Even better, a decent POS system is the one that enables each outlet to have its own template for receipts. 

Best POS systems supporting receipt customization


This POS is a cloud-based POS system. You can download and install ConnectPOS software for free. It can be usable on a trial basis. After that, if you’re satisfied with the service and product, you can choose from 3 straightforward plans. Plus, you can also customize your own plan with a self-select collection of features to fit your business’s unique needs and demands. One of the most useful and handy features that you can look for in such a robust POS like ConnectPOS is custom receipts. After integrating your website with ConnectPOS, a default receipt will be created when you first open the POS. But you can still update this template to your liking.

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The following details on the receipt are customizable:

  • Template name
  • Receipt title.
  • Logo image status
  • Customer information
  • Order information including shipping address, outlet’s address, your cashier name, discount, shipment amount, etc. 
  • Format for weekdays, days, months, years, and time.
  • Tax on row total on product row and tax on subtotal in summary.
  • Footer text on your receipt.
  • Logo image on the footer of receipt.
  • Order barcode
  • Powered text

Users can customize details on receipts such as template name, receipt title, image statuses and necessary information to make invoices easy to identify and summarize accurately. Additionally, ConnectPOS is compatible with almost all commonly used POS hardware, so it can easily connect with receipt printers and other POS equipment pieces such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, customer screens, etc. It works well on multiple devices from desktops to mobile applications like smartphones and tablets, regardless of operating systems. Moreover, ConnectPOS also integrates with famous eCommerce platforms which are Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce in the near future. 

Shopify POS

When it comes to fulfilling all the needs of a small e-commerce or online business, Shopify POS is remarkable. Shopify started as an e-commerce platform company, but it has expanded their business to retailing POS systems. This POS is compatible with a variety of devices. The bonuses of using this POS system are that it can run on Windows and iPads. You can also use it on tablets running Android operating systems. 

One of key features of this system is POS receipts customization. If you’re using Shopify POS for iPad and your store is on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can customize the basic template for your printed receipts from the Shopify POS app settings. Users can add store logos to receipts, edit information and notes to ensure order control and connect with customers more. However, you can’t edit the transaction information on printed receipts.

Here are what you can customize on your receipts:

  • Add your store logo to your receipt
  • Edit the header and footer of your receipts
  • Include order notes on your receipts
  • Include customer information on your receipts
  • Print your store location on your receipts
  • Include order barcodes on your receipts
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Chromis POS

This is open-source software. Chromis POS can only run on a computer with a Windows operating system. There are many useful features for shops and restaurants. Best POS systems supporting POS receipts customization include this one too. You can edit your receipt templates based on your own preferences. Should you have any concern or issue with customizing your receipts, you can always look for help on their forum. Clients can ask questions or raise problems on that forum. And a customer service assistant will deal with that just in a few minutes.  

Additionally, you have all the available options to issue reports according to your demands. Moreover, many active authors for this software keep updating this point-of-sale system. That is why it gets bug fixes and runs smoothly. You can order at one point and receive the order from another. Many restaurants use Chromis because of this function.

Erply POS

Erply POS is a cloud-based retail solution built for small and midsize businesses. The solution can run independently from web access, and data is auto-synced upon re-connection. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Key features include customer database, inventory management, POS receipt customization, etc. 

With Erply POS, you can easily customize the types of information printed on your receipts. Customized receipts are a great way to present important purchasing details in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Picking and choosing exactly what information to print will keep your employees and customers informed while avoiding those hard-to-read walls of text. With the Erply POS’s invoice customization feature, you can and quickly create professional invoices, email receipts, and display discounts and pricing information.

With Erply POS receipts customization feature, you can:

  • Create professional receipts
  • Send receipts over email
  • Display discount and pricing information
  • Configuration for easier processes
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Small retailers can purchase just the POS software for only $39. If you’re looking for a fully functional system, it will set you back less than $100 a month.

Imonggo POS

Imonggo POS system is popular among many business users around the world. This software easily manages thousands of products and items. It can handle many transactions during a month. There is no limit to the type of business you run because Imonggo POS is versatile. Many operating systems support Imonggo. These include iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. You can use this POS system on tablets and smartphones.

One of the outstanding features of this POS is POS receipt customization. However, this feature is only an experimental feature for premium users.

  • Add a customer or delete an existing one
  • Change the cashier
  • Email this receipt to a customer 
  • Make the invoice Tax Exempt 
  • Add your notes on the receipts
  • Change the payment type

Because Imonggo is compatible with such a broad range of hardware, your biggest concern is ensuring your receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners are compatible with your device and that the devices are speaking to each other correctly. Imonggo states it will work with any receipt printer with software drivers compatible with your computer.

Which is the best one to choose?

After walking through these POS systems supporting receipts customization, business owners and operators like you might have this question in mind right now: “So, which is the best one to choose?”. Well, we have the answer, but it needs to be confirmed by you and yourself only!

ConnectPOS, one of the leading POS software for omnichannel retailers, takes pride in being able to provide you with a technologically advanced and all-around POS solution. At ConnectPOS, we have all the resources and abilities to develop meaningful receipts customization integrated right in our POS for your convenience.


Choosing a POS system that offers benefits for receipts customization will help users make a good impression on customers. Contact us if you are looking for software to help you edit your invoices.

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