The Only Direct Integrated BigCommerce POS For Retailers

The global-awarded POS is ready to elevate your BigCommere retail business with 50+ features and 24/7 support

What you can only find at our BigCommerce POS app?

A seamless data update

ConnectPOS guarantees 100% data real-time update between your physical store and BigCommerce. Data is synced even when there's no Internet.

24/7 support

We're ready to help 24/7! From the US to Australia, our Support team can solve all of your problems. Detailed staff training is available.

Global-trusted solution

A trusted BigCommerce POS solution for 500+ retailers around the world with multiple awards including the 2021 Stevie Awards.

More than 50 BigCommerce omnichannel POS features

Product and Order Management

  • Order list

  • Order fulfillment

  • Custom sales

  • Quote management

  • Backorder and Pre-order

  • Multi-location management

  • Multi-fulfillment

  • Tax management

  • Group pricing

  • Multi-Currency

  • Customer-facing display

Standard Transaction

  • Update data instantly

  • Work without Internet

  • Simple checkout process

  • Various payment methods

  • Barcode scanning

  • Discount

  • Store credit

  • Receipt

  • Refund and Exchange

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse control

  • Real-time stock update

  • Stocktake and stock adjustment

Omnichannel Support

  • Device compatibility

  • Self-checkout POS

  • Click and collect

Staff Management

  • Staff training

  • Report system

  • Users and permissions

Customer Management

  • Loyalty program

  • Gift card

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Feature of the month: Manage multiple sales channels

Our omnichannel solution scales with the growth of your BigCommerce businesses. That’s why we support managing multiple sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores and warehouses right within the app.

Combining the power of ConnectPOS and Multi Source Inventory system, retailers can sync stock between locations as well as assign
a suitable warehouse for each order.

BigCommerce POS by ConnectPOS now available as a native app

Connect your sales channels with a comprehensive BigCommerce POS app!

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