Smoke Arsenal: Transform Wholesale Performance With Omnichannel Solution

When migrating to BigCommerce, Smoke Arsenal long for a scalable omnichannel solution to support their wholesale business. ConnectPOS rises as the most prominent name.

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About Smoke Arsenal

Smoke Arsenal is exclusively a B2B enterprise in Etobicoke, Canada, supplying thousands of headshops, vape stores, dispensaries and other businesses. As one of the top wholesalers providing smoking accessories, Smoke Arsenal serve a wide range of products from rolling papers, grinders, ashtrays to vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

The Quest To Find The Perfect POS System

As a wholesaler, Smoke Arsenal have to deal with various orders with large quantities from companies of all sizes. Each partner is categorized into a particular group and applies specific pricing and policies. Following its hyper-growth, they demand a more powerful and scalable technological system to support a seamless performance at all touchpoints.

In the beginning, Smoke Arsenal had chosen Shopify as the base for their eCommerce website. Along the way, they have found out that this might not be the most suitable choice for long-term development. Therefore, the BOD decided to migrate to a new eCommerce platform: BigCommerce Enterprise. With robust functions tailored to wholesale business, this change has brought new light to the performance of the business.

However, the business looks further into the future and acknowledges that an omnichannel model is the key to their success.

There are four main points when it comes to Smoke Arsenal’s omnichannel transformation:

  • The chosen omnichannel solution must be compatible with the current system. For instance, Smoke Arsenal has already implemented MAGIC as their inventory management system for a while. The new POS must be able to connect to this system for a seamless process.
  • The future POS app must support B2B wholesale business activities. Some required features include real-time data synchronization, group pricing and draft orders.
  • It’s vital to keep the database secure since it contains huge confidential information of not only the brands but also their customers.
  • Smoke Arsenal requires a dynamic POS that can be accessed on multiple devices and can be used on the go.

So it begins – the finding for the most suitable POS system for Smoke Arsenal. Yet this is not an easy quest. Smoke Arsenal had tried and considered several solutions, such as LightSpeed or Vend. Although being well-functioning, they did not meet the standards of the wholesaler.

For example, Lightspeed auto-adds customers right at every order, whether it’s a newcomer or previous buyers. This situation duplicates customers’ data and slows down the processing time. Also, it creates an unpleasant feeling for new buyers who have not yet decided to save their info to Smoke Arsenal’s system. More than that, it lacks flexibility since there is no synchronization between the orders and pricing data from Smoke Arsenal’s BigCommerce store and LightSpeed.

ConnectPOS - A Perfect Solution For The Needs Of Smoke Arsenal

When Smoke Arsenal thought an omnichannel journey may be a faraway vision, ConnectPOS emerged as a potential candidate.

As a leading POS system that directly integrates with eCommerce platforms, ConnectPOS is trusted by hundreds of business owners, lots of them are Vape/CBD suppliers, such as Global Vapors and Dampfi.

More than that, ConnectPOS has developed a set of outstanding B2B features particularly made for wholesale businesses’ needs.

Real-time Synchronization For Unified Data

Being famous for its real-time synchronization, ConnectPOS ensures a seamless update between the Smoke Arsenal database and POS system. Cashiers can check for all information, such as customers, orders, products and inventory right within the app.

Say Goodbye to switching back and forth between the online store and inventory management system since ConnectPOS has pulled all data back to the server.

Smoke Arsenal can switch between online and offline modes. The store can function normally even when there’s no Internet, and data will be updated when it’s back online.

Huge Possibilities To Customize The System

One factor that makes Smoke Arsenal put the trust in ConnectPOS is its flexible customization. The system has successfully integrated with the built-in system of the wholesaler, including payment gateways and MAGIC inventory management system.

ConnectPOS has developed additional features to support the performance of these third-party add-ons. Let’s take a look at inventory adjustment: Users can edit (add/deduct) the stock number right within the POS and it will auto-sync with the number in the inventory control hub of Smoke Arsenal.

Group Pricing For Better Customers Service

For wholesalers, pricing is a complicated issue. They are the suppliers for brands of all sizes, from small retailers to huge enterprises. Being able to divide customers into groups as well as applying particular pricing rules, promotions and policies for each is a must-have feature for any wholesale POS system.

ConnectPOS has delivered a user-friendly and effective group pricing function that totally meets the needs of Smoke Arsenal.

ConnectPOS helps the wholesaler use built-in price groups based on the settings on BigCommerce. At the same time, we allow the business to create new rules within the app. This function has allowed a quicker checkout and strengthened the relationship between Smoke Arsenal and their vendors.

Advanced Orders To Increase Conversion Rate

For high-valued orders, customers may not be ready to pay right away. That’s when draft orders/sales quotation management comes to the rescue. Smoke Arsenal can create an order with all necessary information and then save it for later when customers are ready for the payment.

ConnectPOS also supports other advanced orders functions such as:

  • Refund and Exchange
  • Custom orders: Create orders with items that are not yet available at the location
  • Out-of-stock orders: Create orders with out-of-stock products
Quick And Supportive Customer Support

What makes us stand out from other competitors is that we are ready to support your business anytime, anywhere. As Max – UX designer of Smoke Arsenal has happily stated:

“ConnectPOS representatives are really helpful and extremely patient. They can answer any questions, from sales to technology. I don’t have to go through many people to have the solution that I’m looking for.”

More Than A Basic POS System

Above are just the major points that make Smoke Arsenal fall in love with ConnectPOS. The system is fully equipped with comprehensive POS features to make sure store owners can have their seamless omnichannel shopping experience cross-platform.

Smoke Arsenal can view and process orders through a tablet and on the go. More than that the scan feature for identifying products works optimally, which saves a lot of time and effort for the staff.

A Fruitful Future Ahead

At the moment, Smoke Arsenal is focusing on upgrading their technology ecosystem and ConnectPOS is delighted to join a helping hand in this transformation.

This will be a great journey and the wholesaler already has a plan to develop their omnichannel business, such as a Last Price feature customization: If a customer processes a new order at the POS, he automatically gets the pricing on the item that he was given in his last invoice.

The great compliments and feedback from Smoke Arsenal are what makes us keep moving forward and continue delivering the best performance.

What Smoke Arsenal Says About Us
Muy Fantástico! ConnectPOS is the perfect solution for Smoke Arsenal. It works perfectly with our BigCommerce Enterprise version. All customers and products are automatically synced as well as the pricing. ConnectPOS is ready to listen to what customers want. We’re satisfied with all the enterprise features that ConnectPOS has prepared for us!
Max UX designer, Smoke Arsenal